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10 Family-Friendly Animated Movies To Watch This Summer On Netflix – Digikar

10 Family-Friendly Animated Movies To Watch This Summer On Netflix – Digikar


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Animated cinema is the king genre of the summer months. Holidays mean that the little ones spend time at home and, of course, they have to be entertained in many ways.

Sometimes going out in 40 degrees in the shade isn’t the best solution, so a good animated film presents itself as a very valid alternative.


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On Netflix they have a catalog of interesting content to entertain the little ones and, by the way, the older ones, who also love these films.

Today at Hobby Consoles we bring you 10 anime movies to watch on Netflix that can make your summer more bearable.


We started with a co-production between China and the United States which landed on Netflix in 2021: The Dragon of Desires.

The film takes us to Shanghai, where Din, a young student with many dreams and few resources, accidentally meets Long, a wish-granting dragon.

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Together, they will embark on an adventure to find Din’s old friend, Lina, through a journey that raises many existential questions.

The Dragon of Desires is a charming movie and a strong demonstration that Netflix has a very worthwhile bet on its own in the realm of animation.


One of the more recent hits of the genre on Netflix was The Sea Monster, which arrived on the platform in 2022.

A seasoned monster hunter is a legend for having hunted countless creatures over the years.

Everything changes when a young woman boards his ship and befriends the most dangerous creature of all, the one he’s been hunting for years.


If you’re into tech, Netflix has another very enjoyable Chinese-American co-production called The Next Generation.

A lonely, rebellious young woman’s life is turned upside down when she discovers a top-secret robot developed at the hip tech company.

Soon, the bond between the two will be put to the test when a plot is revealed involving the company that developed the robot and a megalomaniac with the air of world domination.

Can the friendship between the young girl and her robot friend save the world from a mechanical insurrection?


Still on the technological theme, Netflix offers one of the coolest films of the genre: The Mitchells against the machines.

A machine revolution surprises the Mitchell family on a road trip, and they become the only hope to free humanity.

A film full of genius and color from the producers of Spider-Man: A New Universe: Chris Miller and Phil Lord.


Perhaps you’re a fan of TV’s most famous ogre and his inseparable companion, the talking donkey. What better time to share your hobby with the new generation of the family?

On Netflix you can find the full la saga shrek. Travel to the world of stories to enjoy the adventures of Shrek, Donkey, Fiona and company.

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A swamp ogre’s life will change forever when he is tasked with rescuing a princess from the most dangerous place in the kingdom.

He will be accompanied by a donkey unable to keep his mouth shut even if he is paid for it.


Have you ever wondered what your pets do when you go to work or study? Pets brings us a fun explanation.

Max’s position as a favorite pet is in jeopardy when Duke, a big, shaggy dog, arrives at his home.

The two must park their differences when they learn that the stray and abandoned animals have begun to organize to exact revenge on any pet they encounter.


We used to have dragons that granted wishes, now we have dragons that serve as mounts to experience adventures and defend those we love.

How to Train Your Dragon is a beautiful story of tolerance, understanding and love for animals (or mythical creatures).

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Hiccups is a young Viking whose village is frequently attacked by dragons. However, his perspective changes when he meets toothlessa mysterious wounded dragon.

Soon Hiccup must face the difficult decision of whether to keep his relationship with the dragon a secret or tell everyone in his village what he’s up to.


Po is a panda who loves Kung Fu who lives and works with his father in his small noodle restaurant. Fate will want him to “drop” in the choice of the mythical dragon warrior.

From then on, Po must train to become the fighter who, according to the old master Oogwayis meant to be.

An intense story, only surpassed by the memorable soundtrack he gave us Hans Zimmer and who lovingly rocks the brilliant animation and frame.


Summer might not be the time for Christmas movies…or maybe it’s the best way to think about the cold of winter and escape the heat.

Klaus is a brilliant proposal signed by Sergio Pablos which takes us to a town where neighbors hate each other.

A postman banished to this place meets a cantankerous carpenter who, in fact, with the right push, will become a legend that children dream of every December 24th.


We ended up with a beastly film, literally. The Central Park Zoo is too small for a lion, a zebra, a giraffe and a hippopotamus.

After making a big mess in New York, they end up stranded in Madagascarwhere the wild world awaits them.

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Unfortunately, without proper care at the zoo, the group carnivore’s instincts will begin to shine: will friendship outweigh hunger?

With this we conclude our review of the best animated films that we can watch as a family on Netflix to spend a little less sultry summer.

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