Home Technology 100,000 devices have access to wireless TV from A1

100,000 devices have access to wireless TV from A1

100,000 devices have access to wireless TV from A1

The wireless TV service is accessed via the Xplore TV app
(photo: A1 Bulgaria)

A1’s wireless TV already works on over 100,000 devices, the telecom announced. The Xplore TV smart TV app is becoming increasingly popular – users can use it on a wide range of devices and operating systems to watch interactive TV with over 200 channels in SD, HD and 4K across the country and regardless of provider on the Internet of the service.

With the Xplore TV app for smart TV, A1 provides its subscribers with a new way to watch TV, without cables, additional devices and a second remote. Smart TVs can use both Wi-Fi and standard cable Internet connectivity, and the app replaces the existing receivers that offer the service.

App users can pause, fast forward and rewind, and watch an archive of shows up to 7 days back with detailed information preview. Xplore TV for Smart TV also offers advanced options for searching for specific content, creating a list of favorite shows and recommendations based on viewing habits.

In the month of May, A1 wireless TV subscribers watched news and various reality formats most often, with hit movies, TV series and Champions League matches also standing out among their preferences, A1 said.

The smart TV app is compatible with 95% of current smart TV models on the market. These include Samsung models with Tizen OS version 4 or higher, LG with Web OS version 4, Hisense with Vidaa 4 or higher, and TVs and multimedia devices with Android TV 9 or higher -high, incl. models of brands such as Philips, Sony, Sharp, TCL, Vestel, HiSense, Panasonic, JVC, Toshiba, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.

Cable TV is available with tariff plans and offers for packages up to over 200 channels, at prices starting from BGN 9.99 per month. Current customers of the telecom can also add a smart TV as an additional receiver to an existing service, without even having to visit a store. This can also be done entirely online through the My A1 app.


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