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6 PlayStation adaptations to keep an eye on

6 PlayStation adaptations to keep an eye on

We have several video game adaptations coming to the small screen and PlayStation works could not be left out – receiving a multimedia treatment for the future and reaching both televisions and cinemas. We separate here the five productions that you should keep an eye on, considering the involvement of the studios responsible for the works.

It is worth noting that we recently had materials for Uncharted and the first season of The Last of Us, both from developer Naughty Dog. However, the future promises even brighter things and we describe below what you need to be aware of:

6 – Horizon

The material seen in Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West will be adapted as a series on Netflix, featuring Aloy as the protagonist with an adventure as grand as her counterpart in the world of games. Considering that it is one of the most successful recent titles from the PlayStation studios, it won’t be difficult for us to see material that attracts a good fan base.

Format: Sitcom (Netflix)

5 – Gran Turismo

The film will not exactly adapt the Gran Turismo game, but rather a true story involving the GT Academy institute – which captures excellent players and offers them the chance to start a career as drivers in the real world. The protagonist will be played by Archie Madewke and the cast will also feature David Harbor (Stranger Things and Hellboy). Of course, cars will also be essential in production!

Format: Movie (cinemas)

4 – Twisted Metal

With just one teaser, Twisted Metal is one of those chaotic PlayStation games that promise to shake the structures of small screens. In it we will see a post-apocalyptic world where cars are modified for the survival of their pilots, inserted in a vast environment of combat throughout the American territory. The series will star Anthony Mackie, Captain America of the MCU.

Format: Series (Peacock)

3 – The Last of Us – Part II

Of course, we can’t forget the sequel to The Last of Us season 1, telling what happens after Joel and Ellie survive the events in the Fireflies lab. Things promise not to be the same anymore and no one will be safe from a threat that becomes even greater – considering the success and quality of the previous arc, does anyone still have doubts that they will replicate with flying colors in the second?

Format: Series (HBO)

2 – Ghost of Tsushima

Although we know little about the PlayStation adaptation that will bring Jin Sakai to life, it has been revealed that the director responsible for the project is Chad Stahelski – yes, the same one who took the John Wick franchise to stardom. The promise is that it will bring a lot of action and a touching story for the samurai, showing how the beauty of Japan can be mixed with the violence they faced against the Mongol invasion in the past.

Format: Movie (cinemas)

1 – God of War

Finally, we have here one of the games that have moved the PlayStation community in recent years. Amazon Prime Video is responsible for the project, but they will not tell the story as expected – instead of starting in the Greek period of Kratos, they will jump directly to the Asgard saga with Atreus. Despite the doubts of many fans, the expectation is that the quality of the work of Santa Monica Studio will be maintained – which is not low.

Format: Series (Prime Video)

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