Home Technology A 16-core Intel processor consumes 800 W when overclocked

A 16-core Intel processor consumes 800 W when overclocked

A 16-core Intel processor consumes 800 W when overclocked

The Sapphire Rapids Xeon processor was overclocked to 7.2 GHz
(photo: Intel)

Overclocked to clock speed 7.2 GHz Intel Sapphire Rapids server processor with 16 compute cores consumes whole 800 W power, showed enthusiast tests published by PC Gamer.

In the consumer segment, Intel long ago switched to a hybrid processor architecture that combines high-performance and relatively powerful cores in various proportions with economical cores. There is an explanation for this – the Sapphire Rapids generation Intel Xeon server processor, which was overclocked to 7.2 GHz at Computex 2023, uses only 16 performance cores, and together they consume 800 watts!

In fact, as PC Gamer explains, the high power consumption of this combination is the only practical result of the experiment that the Level1Techs team conducted as part of this week’s overclocking competition in Taiwan under the auspices of G.Skill and other local PC component and accessory suppliers .

The fact is that at a frequency of 7.2 GHz with all active cores, the Intel Sapphire Rapids processor cannot completely pass tests that would allow enthusiasts to measure the performance of the system in this mode of operation. It was only found that each of the processor cores when overclocked at 7.2 GHz consumed 50 watts, making a total of 800 watts.

At a frequency of 6.1 GHz, the server chip manages to pass the Cinebench R23 test with a score of about 46,000 points. This is not enough for a place in the top ten results for processors with 16 cores, but among Intel chips this result is outstanding.

At the same time, the experiment shows why Intel decided to “dilute” performance cores with energy-efficient ones in chips for the consumer segment – this helps limit the increase in energy consumption. Alder Lake desktop processors are equipped with performance cores from the same Golden Cove series as Sapphire Rapids.


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