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A new cloud distributor comes to our country with a flexible and adaptable platform

Bulgaria is a promising market for the growth of cloud platforms, said Stamatis Barbunakis, chief commercial officer of Interworls.cloud, at the start of the company’s operations in our country (photo: Maria Maltseva / TechNews.bg)

A new cloud distributor debuts on the Bulgarian market: Interworks.cloud. The company enters our country with a clear and streamlined strategy, with a proposition with high added value, it became clear during the debut presentation in Sofia.

The Interworks.cloud company was established in 2001 in Thessaloniki, Greece, already at that time developing and offering cloud business software. In the years since, the company has become a partner of leading global cloud technology providers, including Acronis and Microsoft. Apart from its native Greece, the company also operates in Malta and Cyprus.

Today, the cloud technology company is ambitious to expand in Southeast Europe. Its expansion starts from Bulgaria and will continue in Romania, and later probably also other countries in the region. The first two Interworks.cloud partners in our country are now available.

Partners as a mission

As a cloud distributor, Interworks.cloud has the role of providing a variety of cloud solutions to service providers (MSPs), which in turn serve organizations that use cloud technologies. That’s why Interworks.cloud’s approach is based on a sharp focus on partners. The entire structure of the company is organized around serving MSP.

A manager in Interworks.cloud is responsible for each of the partners. These “account” managers form an entire department. A second department is dedicated to providing support for partners. This includes trainings, practical classes and “how-to” seminars, technological training, etc.

Another division consists of highly qualified technical specialists whose task is to assist sales partners. They are available with their expertise to offer an adequate solution for any situation, providing demonstrations, tests and a flexible approach. The fourth department aims to support partners’ marketing – content preparation, webinars, consultations, joint campaigns, events.

In short, partner business is Interworks.cloud’s business mission.

Many clouds, one agent

In fulfillment of its mission, Interworks.cloud has developed a platform designed to provide partners with a single environment through which they can offer their customers a full range of cloud technologies and services. The platform is a single, centralized “agent” for offering, managing and billing all cloud solutions within a single window.

The Interworks.cloud platform is a single portal for managing all cloud solutions for all clients of the managed service provider, demonstrated Michal-Angelos Nicolaidis, a consultant for the cloud platform customization partners (photo: Maria Maltseva / TechNews.bg)

Through the platform, managed service providers can offer their clients cloud technologies from various brands and providers: Acronis, Office 365, Google Workspace, Intune, Dropsuite, etc. This portal is like a “self-service bar” for partners: everyone can reach for the products they need and use as much as they need.

With countless faces

A unique feature of the platform is that it is designed with the idea that each individual MSP can create their own sub-platform and shape it individually for their own business – down to the last detail. Thus, each partner can form its own catalog of cloud offers, put its own logo, change the platform in its company colors and decorate it with its own symbols. He can put his own content. Customization allows “deep” intervention at the level of JavaScript code and enables heterogeneous integrations thanks to APIs.

Within the management panel of the platform, the partner can create profiles for each of his clients, having full transparency and overall visibility over the consumption of each of them. Thus, in practice, the Interworks.cloud platform can be at the service of countless user organizations.

Pay as you go

The payment model for all this follows the “pay-as-you-go” scheme, that is, it is paid only according to consumption. “You could pay this month 80 euros, next month 26,000 euros – depending on how your business is going,” says Stamatis Barbunakis, Chief Commercial Officer of Interworks.cloud.

Special conditions

On the occasion of its entry into Bulgaria, the company also announced special conditions for the first partners with whom it will start working. For example, each new partner will receive an additional one-day intensive training on commercial and technical skills for Acronis products. It will be led by Stavros Samiotis, holder of multiple certifications from the leading cybersecurity software company.

Each new partner will also receive support from the marketing department, with access to resources and guidance in shaping their go-to-market strategy. MSPs targeting the Interworks.cloud offer will also receive 2 hours of personalized consulting assistance to create their custom portal within the Interworks.cloud platform. In addition, each new partner will be able to count on 10 premium support tickets for the benefit of their customers.

Bulgaria as a promising market

“Yes, the fact is that Bulgaria is a small market,” agrees Stamatis Barbunakis, when asked about the choice of the first location for the company’s expansion. “But Malta isn’t bigger, is it?! Both in Malta and in Bulgaria there are many companies that work with a large number of clients abroad. These businesses need cloud-based productivity and security solutions to serve their customers,” says Barbunakis.

It is also promising for the company that market saturation is low. Unlike the Western European and Scandinavian countries, where the saturation with cloud technologies is already high, in Bulgaria and in the region the use of cloud technologies is yet to grow, according to the commercial director.

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