Home Technology A quantum computer simulates human mental activity

A quantum computer simulates human mental activity

A quantum computer simulates human mental activity

The path of human thought is subject to the laws of quantum probability
(photo: CC0 Public Domain)

The developer of quantum computers IonQ announced the first experiments to simulate human mental activity on quantum circuits. The aim is to be explored the fundamental possibility of releasing human models of cognition and decision making on quantum hardware. The first results are encouraging, the American company announced in a scientific publication.

For more than 60 years, psychologists have systematically tried to penetrate the mystery of man’s knowledge of himself and his surroundings. A number of aspects show that the path of human thought is somewhat (and sometimes very strongly) subject to the laws of quantum probability. That’s why scientists are trying to run the decision-making models derived from psychologists on quantum computers.

With the right components, researchers can develop incredibly powerful tools to predict certain events and set the stage for the emergence of omniscient control platforms.

IonQ specialists and an international group of scientists have created quantum circuits, registers and gates that make it possible to imitate human mental activity, HPCWire reported. In fact, human mental states are encoded in qubits, which allows them to be manipulated and obtain a certain result.

These are the first steps, but they can go a long way in human imitation, though it is not certain for better or for worse. Any working tool can become a weapon and turn against humanity.

“The potential impact of quantum computers that emulate human decision-making processes cannot be overstated as such a future moves closer to reality,” said Peter Chapman, CEO and President of IonQ.

According to him, this breakthrough has great potential for areas such as generative artificial intelligence, which allows the creation of complex and subtle AI systems capable of generating extremely realistic and creative results. “With the unparalleled processing power of quantum computing, today’s research lays a critical foundation for developing a complex network of correlations that will fuel future innovations,” adds Champan.

But the most interesting thing, according to recent research, is that a person thinks according to the laws of quantum physics. That is, we can all have a little quantum computer in our heads.


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