Home Technology A super-green data center went live in Japan

A super-green data center went live in Japan

A super-green data center went live in Japan

JRE’s solar power plant in Nagano Prefecture, Japan powers an eco data center
(photo: JRE)

Japan Renewable Energy Corporation (JRE) has announced that it has achieved stable operation of its data center powered entirely by electricity obtained from solar cells and cooled by spring water.

Even before the project was announced, the Japanese authorities talked about the readiness of the regions to offer a place to locate data centers away from Tokyo. It’s part of a government plan to decentralize data centers, as 60 percent of them are now located in an earthquake- and tsunami-prone area near Tokyo that poses a risk of service disruption.

In June 2022, the implementation of a joint project between JRE and Morgenrot began in Nagano Prefecture, near a solar power plant owned by JRE. The container-type micro data center was built by Mirait Corporation and put into operation in December 2022, Datacenter Dynamics said.

The super-eco data center is optimized for AI and HPC workloads. It has 40 GPU servers with AMD and NVIDIA accelerators. The cooling system is CFC-free and uses only water from a nearby well. The complex has a PUE of 1.1 and zero CO2 emissions (excluding emissions from construction and equipment manufacturing).

The server resources are managed by Morgenrot, which provides the M:CPP (Morgenrot Computing Power Pool) cloud service. This is not the first green data center project that Morgenrot has undertaken – the company has similar facilities powered by renewable energy around the world.

The JRE Nagano Omachi Solar Power Plant, located in the data center area, has an installed capacity of 2,442 kW and is expected to generate 3.5 million kWh per year.


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