Home Technology A1 and the Metropolitan Municipality realize the concept of a smart city

A1 and the Metropolitan Municipality realize the concept of a smart city

A1 and the Metropolitan Municipality realize the concept of a smart city

A1 presented key ICT projects implemented jointly with the Metropolitan Municipality during the Webit conference (photo: A1 Bulgaria)

A1 Bulgaria realizes key ICT and IoT projects in the Metropolitan Municipality on the way to the concept of a smart city, the company emphasized during the Digital Sofia Smart City conference (“Digital Sofia – the smart city”), which is part of the WEBIT Summer Edition program.

Among them are solutions to increase the cyber security of the IT infrastructure and data, intelligent parking, smart lighting, air quality monitoring and free Wi-Fi Internet for the citizens and guests of Sofia, shared Radoslav Mitev, team manager “ICT projects and solutions for corporate clients” in A1, who took part in the discussion panel “Business Speaks”.

“The digitization of processes and services for citizens and solutions from the Internet of Things are important steps on the way to achieving the overall concept of a smart city. The cyber security of data, IT infrastructure and network traffic is becoming increasingly important today. That’s why we are directing the expertise and capacity of A1 as a leading system integrator to support businesses and municipalities to protect valuable resources,” said Mitev.

According to him, the A1 team has the expertise and capacity to support digital cities with “secure and reliable technology solutions to help them meet the challenges of frequent attacks on IT infrastructure and data”.

Mitev presented, in particular, the projects of A1 and the Metropolitan Municipality “DDoS Protection Prolexic Routed” and “Web Application Firewall”, which provide protection through a network service from all kinds of attacks. The service provides the ability to identify and immediately neutralize illegitimate traffic.

The technological solution pre-screens and allows only legitimate traffic to the network of the Metropolitan Municipality, and potentially malicious traffic is filtered out. The solution allows the municipality to maintain the resilience of business processes in case of attacks against the IT infrastructure.

A1, in partnership with the Sofia Municipality, also implements a number of ICT and IoT technological projects for a more digital lifestyle of the citizens and guests of Sofia and higher efficiency of the processes led by the administration. These include Smart Parking, which helps reduce traffic, manage a toll zone and increase revenue, and Smart Lighting, which improves living conditions in urban areas and reduces costs.

The solutions offered by A1 for intelligent management of water consumption and water resource levels were also affected by Radoslav Mitev. He pointed out the decision to monitor the use of water and the pressure in the internal water supply networks, implemented for the bus companies in Malashevtsi, Druzhba and Zemlyanye, part of Stolichen Autotransport EAD, and for the Nadezhda trolleybus and tram depot and the Tramkar depot of Stolichen Elektrotransport EAD. The solution helps prevent water loss and, thanks to the Narrowband-IoT technologies that A1 uses, predicts possible “leaks” so that employees from the two municipal enterprises can react in time and prevent losses of “precious liquid”.

In Sofia, A1 has also implemented a solution for continuous air monitoring for pollution, dust particles and harmful emissions. Four zones with free Wi-Fi Internet access for citizens and guests are also operating in three of the capital’s most visited parks, built by the Metropolitan Municipality together with A1. Two of the zones with wireless internet are in the South Park – next to the entrances on “Byala Cherkva” Street and “Nishava” Street.

The project also includes a special home page that is loaded on every smartphone when using the Wi-Fi network in these areas and provides information on upcoming events in the city’s cultural and sports life. The basis of the project is the technological service A1 Smart Net. Other locations where visitors can use free Wi-Fi are in the Boris Garden and the Doctor’s Garden, respectively.


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