Home Gaming All about the controversy of the competitive Pokémon in Korea

All about the controversy of the competitive Pokémon in Korea

All about the controversy of the competitive Pokémon in Korea

It seems that the competitive landscape of Pokémon is something scrambled in south korea. Here we bring you all the details that we have been able to learn about this controversy.

In the list below, you have all the information that has been offered today on this topic. All part of the fact that the largest Pokémon tournament in Korea concluded with a surprising disqualification of the four finalists.

We leave you with the information:

  • The players received an email informing them that they were disqualified and that the event was cancelled.
  • This meant that they lost their invitations to the Pokémon World Championships.
  • The email alleged that players had committed inappropriate actions and caused harm to other participants.
  • However, this doesn’t tell the whole story and there are broader frustrations in Asian regions over tournament structures and ranking systems.
  • The players protested in a statement stating that they were disqualified for using Metronomewhich is not illegal. Although the email claimed that the players committed “an act of causing harm to other participants or presenting an offensive image” and other “inappropriate” actions, the truth is that it appears that they were disqualified because this move left everything to chance. , since Metronome makes a random attack and the strategy of all these players was to use that move.
  • They do not agree and for this reason they have prepared a statement for The Pokémon Company highlighting their concerns.
  • Although they were disqualified, their action has been praised and supported by other VGC players.
  • Sejun Park, winner of the World Championship in 2014, urged The Pokémon Company to listen and respond to players in a respectful manner.

The World Championship is coming up and the community look forward to seeing how The Pokémon Company addresses these concerns and frustrations. We will be attentive to more details.

Meanwhile, we leave you with his statement:

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