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[Análisis] Kirby’s Dream Buffet para Nintendo Switch

[Análisis] Kirby’s Dream Buffet para Nintendo Switch

Nintendo surprised us about a month ago with the announcement of Kirby’s Dream Buffet, a most adorable new title starring the beloved pink ball. The announcement conquered the fans, who came to compare it to Fall Guys with its aesthetics.

The truth is that it looks really attractive and adorable, and that is why we wanted to bring you the complete analysis of this game. Here we delve into all the options it offers us in the short and long term, both in single and multiplayer mode. Its price is also quite tempting, so let’s get into the analysis without further delay.

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game modes

As soon as the title begins, we will see that Kirby appears in a table: This is the general menu of the game, where we can scroll with the character to each of the options. We’ll start by looking at the Main Menu, which is one of the sections of this table and where the main game modes of Kirby’s Dream Buffet are found.

In this mode, we will find the following options:


Competition (single or local multiplayer up to 4 players):

This is the main game mode for one or two players in local mode. After selecting this mode, we will see that the game allows us to select the game for one or up to four players. Then we must select the difficulty: Sweet, Normal, Spicy or Super Spicy.

When we have selected this, we will see the main game options of this Competition mode:

1. Grand Prix Gourmet: This is a game mode where a complete menu consisting of a total of four phases is combined. The points (strawberries) of the four phases are added up and whoever has the most points at the end wins. The phases of the Grand Prix Gourmet are the following:

  • The first phase is a race through a stage, where we must advance to the end of it to reach the mountains of strawberries. Along the way, we must collect strawberries to accumulate points: each strawberry is a point and whoever gets the most strawberries at the end of the race wins. There are also different objects / power-ups in the form of food that give us an advantage in the level.
  • The second phase is a minigame where we must face the other three Kirbys in tests such as collecting strawberries from cups or killing enemies to get strawberries. We also have boosters available.
  • The third phase is another race just like the first, where the goal is also to get the maximum number of strawberries by reaching the end. There are also power-ups here.
  • Finally, the fourth phase is a contest where we must face the other three Kirbys in combat. Making use of pushes and the objects that appear on the stage, we can push the other Kirbys to get their strawberries and thus turn the Grand Prix Gourmet classification around. We also have boosters here.
  • After these four phases, the bonuses are distributed on the scales. It’s about some bonus points on the scales for having fulfilled certain requirements such as being the Kirby that has flown the longest or the one that has eaten the most raspberries. These bonuses vary in each Grand Prix Gourmet and are random… in true Mario Party style!

2. Loose run: As you may have guessed, this mode consists of playing a random race phase only. These are the same levels that appear in the first and third phases of the Grand Prix Gourmet mode. In this case, the person who gets the most strawberries in this race simply wins, and no points are accumulated between different phases because this mode consists of only one race.

3. Loose Minigame: It is the same way as the previous one, only in this case we will play a single minigame and whoever accumulates the most strawberries in it will win. This mode also does not consist of several phases and simply wins whoever wins the minigame itself.

4. Loose Contention: Indeed, this mode works the same as the previous two, only in this case the only phase in which we will compete is a contest phase like the fourth phase of Kirby’s Dream Buffet mode. It is a single battle where whoever accumulates the most strawberries in the contest wins, and several phases cannot be played in a row in this mode either: it is an individual phase like in Loose Race and Loose Minigame.

5. Roll your ball: Finally, in this Competition mode, we have this option which is basically a practice phase. We can roll with Kirby through different scenarios to practice movements and jumps. It also comes in handy to test the effects of objects or to face friends in a more relaxed way.

Online (online multiplayer with up to 3 other Kirbys):

This is the online mode of the title, where we can play with other people through the Internet (Nintendo Switch Online is required). Once we access it, we will see two available options:

  • Random game: This mode puts us in a waiting room, where we can roll with Kirby until three more Kirbys join the game. After this, we will start a Grand Prix Gourmet competition, like the one you have described above. It also includes a race phase, a minigame, another race phase and a fight.
  • Game with password: It works exactly the same, only in this case the game will ask us for a password to enter a room. It can be a new password or a password that our friends pass us to play with them. Once all friends have joined after entering the same console, they will play Grand Prix Gourmet mode online in the same way as in Random Play.

I have tried these online modes and the truth is that they run smoothly. Yes, it has detected some specific slowdowns, but they are perfectly playable and are great if we do not have company to play locally. In addition, this mode includes some exclusive rewards that we can get for playing online and being in first place.

Local play (multiplayer between multiple consoles up to 4 players):

This game mode allows us to connect several Nintendo Switch and play via wireless connection between them. Thus, we can connect up to four consoles and play a game of Grand Prix Gourmet in the same way that it can be done in the local or Online Competition mode. Of course, each player in this mode requires a Nintendo Switch family console and a copy of the game. By accessing the mode, we can create a new group or access an already created one.

All these game modes give us rewards that increase our gourmet rank, something that encourages us to continue playing them. You have detailed these rewards just below, as they are available in the other sections of the game table.

Other options

However, apart from the Main Menu, we also have other entertaining options on the game table. You can take a look at them below:

Costumes and colors:

In this section, we can put on costumes and change the color of the Kirby with which we play. We can only change them to Player 1’s Kirby, since the rest are randomly selected in local multiplayer. How do we get these costumes and colors? Easy, every time we play a game mode described above, we will raise our gourmet level and, in each stage, various rewards will be unlocked. One type of rewards are these outfits and equippable outfits for the Kirby that we control as Player 1 in all the modes described above.

It is certainly an interesting option that encourages us to continue playing and unlocking all the customization options for the character. They are very numerous, so you will certainly like them.

Candy Collection:

In this section, we can take a look at all the unlockables that we are getting in the title. There are a total of 256 and they are small badges that we get by completing stages in the modes described above, just like Kirby’s costumes and colors. In addition, this option allows us to customize a giant cake that is on the table with the different badges that we are getting.

This is another incentive to continue playing the title, with the aim of completing the collection. Perfect for those of you who are completists.


In this section, we can check the different rewards that we are getting as we raise our Gourmet Rank by playing the modes described above. As we mentioned, this range gives us costumes and colors for Kirby, as well as badges from the Candy Collection. We can also get musical tracks to sound in the different phases of the different modes. In addition, you can also get scenarios here as you level up, which will then appear unlocked in the game modes.

Finally, the table also includes the following:

  • Direct access to the Wheel mode to your ball to practice freely (you have it described above)
  • The possibility of seeing the credits and knowing details of the different Kirby deliveries by approaching a cupcake on the left
  • We can also read “juicy information” with tricks and details of the sweets that appear in the title. This appears in a brown bar at the bottom of the screen.

Visual and sound delight

Focusing now on the visual section, we can say that Kirby’s Dream Buffet has a simply sublime appearance. I already told you before that the game captivated fans at the time it was announced. The truth is that Kirby had never looked this adorable before. We don’t know if it’s because it’s the roundest Kirby to date, but they’ve certainly managed to create an extremely beautiful title.

Beyond the visual section, we must say that the graphic performance of the title is optimal. It is true that there are some small slowdowns in moments of high action, especially if we are playing in multiplayer mode, but nothing that prevents us from having a good time both alone and in company. All this, together with Kirby’s appearance and the adorable animations, make it a title that enters through the eyes and ends up captivating.

As for the sound section, we must say that this title rescues some of the best musical themes of the franchise. As I pointed out before, these can be unlocked as we rank up by playing in the different modes. Also, we have some unlockables for having save data from previous titles like Kirby Star Allies or Kirby and the Forgotten Land. The sound effects are just as slick as other installments in the series, and the lovable voice of Kirby and company makes the title even more huggable.


Kirby’s Dream Buffet es a game that surprised us both in its announcement and when trying it out and playing it. Not only does it have a delicious visual section, but its mechanics and game modes make it an adventure worthwhile.

However, we must bear in mind that it is a game heavily oriented towards multiplayer, so if you’re looking for a single player experience you might be more interested in Kirby Star Allies or Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Remember that the title has an online mode, so even if you don’t have someone to play with, you can always play some games online. Playing the machine alone is also fun, especially thanks to the difficulty levels, but the real joy is in competing with other players.

Before concluding, it should be noted some points for improvement, such as the fact that the Kirbys of the secondary players cannot be customized and only that of the main character can be customized or that there is no option to play several phases of the same type; for example, several minigames in a row or several contests in a row. An update with these features would be very welcome.

Don’t forget that Kirby’s Dream Buffet is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop for €14.99. No physical version has been confirmed, and the size of the digital download is 1221.00 MB. We have it available in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch and Chinese.


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