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Analysts for Apple’s Vision Pro glasses: they are very expensive

Analysts for Apple’s Vision Pro glasses: they are very expensive

Vision Pro AR glasses are the most advanced wearable electronic device, Apple claims
(photo: Apple)

On Monday, June 5, Apple presented its first device with augmented reality (AR), which fans of the American company were eagerly waiting for. But according to analysts, the high price of the Vision Pro model may put off consumers.

“Vision Pro is a new type of computer that augments reality by seamlessly blending the real world with the digital,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook, introducing the AR device. According to the company, it is “the most advanced portable electronic device in history.”

Vision Pro is a pair of glasses with a curved transparent external 3D screen. The user’s eyes are visible on the external screen – this is a simulation that the device creates before it is used.

The user can control the AR glasses with voice or gestures. For example, he can turn pages of text by moving his eyes.

The Vision Pro has two external cameras for video transmission, as well as a pair of screens with support for images in 4K resolution inside the device for a virtual reality function. Switching from virtual to augmented reality is done with a special wheel.

In the US, Vision Pro sales will begin in 2024. The price of the AR glasses is US$3,499. According to analysts at the investment bank Goldman Sachs, such a price could limit initial sales of the device.

Experts predict that about 5 million Vision Pros will be shipped in fiscal 2024, with future shipments reaching 8-13 million units per year, bringing the company about $13-25 billion in annual revenue.

The Vision Pro is expected in the market with a starting price of US$3,499
(photo: Apple)

Instead of starting with the consumer version and then moving to the Pro model, Apple decided to immediately introduce a premium variant and hopes to lower the price as the technology advances, according to analyst Carolina Milanesi of Creative Strategies.

“I don’t think Apple has too many expectations,” said Jeff Fieldhack, director of research at Counterpoint Research. “Best-in-class Vision Pro will get massive improvements in terms of display, resolution, refresh rate, perhaps lightness and feel.”

Attempts by Google, Magic Leap, Microsoft and Meta to enter the market for VR devices have either been completely unsuccessful commercially or not very successful, notes the New York Times. So far, manufacturers have not been able to convince people to use virtual reality, adds the publication.


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