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AppCheck – real-time ransomware protection

AppCheck – real-time ransomware protection

AppCheck’s user interface is modern and convenient
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One of the most common cyber threats in recent years is ransomware of sorts malicious software that encrypts personal files and requires payment to unlock and restore access to them. KSecurity companies are constantly working on ways to not only detect and remove ransomware, but also to restore the blocked ones data.

AppCheck Anti-Ransomware is an application that promises to protect your computer from ransomware agents. It is context-aware anti-ransomware tool with real-time protection, which, however, does not act like a typical anti-malware. For example, it does not respond when downloading a ransomware file. Instead, it reacts when ransomware agents try to make changes to the computer.

Therefore, AppCheck should not create runtime conflicts with an antivirus solution that has a real-time engine enabled. In fact, it is recommended to run the application as second layer of protection against ransomwarewhich is effective when your primary anti-malware program fails to identify it.

Running in the system tray, AppCheck activates real-time protection as soon as it’s launched, silently monitoring the system for ransomware activity. As mentioned, the application only detects agents when they try to influence the computer (according to the context). Meanwhile, it is also available scan-on-demand option.

In addition to real-time protection, AppCheck Anti-Ransomware includes protection against extortiondesigned not only to block ransomware, but also to recover damaged files, along with a “shelter” that creates backup copies of the original files before they are encrypted by ransomware.

When a threat is detected, the tool displays a popup message in the lower right corner of the screen, isolates the ransomware from the rest of the computer and sends it to quarantine to await user verification. You can view detection time, ransomware type, file type and target path, and permanently remove objects from your computer or restore them to a specific folder in case you want to study them further or send them to labs for malware research.

Advanced users can use program settings to protect only local drives, automatically clean up quarantined items, perform backups, and create a list of files to allow if they think they’re safe.

The app reacts quickly when ransomware tries to change system settings, and it has minimal impact on performance on the computer. It works without errors while keeping the real-time engine of Windows Defender on.

All things considered, AppCheck Anti-Ransomware proves to be a serious Windows application designed to block ransomware and back up target files before they are encrypted. In the pro version, more features are available such as automatic backup, MBR protection and protection of files in shared folders.

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