Home Technology Apple created 90 million iPhone 14 requests!

Apple created 90 million iPhone 14 requests!

Apple created 90 million iPhone 14 requests!

Apple Due to the tension in China and Taiwan, it came to the fore with the possibility of having a problem in the supply of iPhone 14. But for now, this issue seems to be resolved. From company suppliers 90 million iPhone 14s asked them to do it.

The Cupertino-based technology giant plans to produce approximately 220 million iPhones in total, the same number as last year. The news of the company’s request to its suppliers came from Bloomberg.

Apple created demand for 90 million iPone 14s!


Apple can only rely on demand from wealthy customers due to the global economic slowdown. Because the price of the company’s products has increased tremendously. According to the IDC forecast, the global smartphone market is expected to shrink by 3.5 percent in 2022 after the market slumped to 9 percent in the June quarter of this year. Apple’s hope is that it will overcome the storm. Huawei’s disappointing performance has weakened competition in the premium smartphone segment. In addition, shipments of Android phones are also dropping.

By 2021, Apple kept the sales figures of the new iPhones at around 75 million units. Last year, it raised its target to 90 million units in anticipation of increased demand due to the decline of COVID-19. Bloomberg reported that the percentage increase in iPhone sales will continue to be ‘single digit’ in the short and medium term. Apple is expected to introduce four iPhone 14 models next month. Pro variants will reportedly come with a new design on the front, an improved selfie camera, a new rear camera, and a faster A16 processor.


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