Home Technology Artificial intelligence can harm people, Microsoft has warned

Artificial intelligence can harm people, Microsoft has warned

Artificial intelligence can harm people, Microsoft has warned

The societal benefit of AI must outweigh the potential harm, says Microsoft (photo: CC0 Public Domain)

Without clear rules limiting the use of artificial intelligence technologies, they will inevitably harm humanity, Microsoft’s chief economist Michael Schwartz said from the rostrum of the World Economic Forum in Geneva. However, in the formation of such rules, it is important not to overdo it, because otherwise there will be no adequate benefit from AI, explained Schwartz.

Microsoft has invested heavily in startup OpenAI, developer of the ChatGPT chatbot, which came out late last year and quickly gained popularity. The AI ​​system has been built by Microsoft into its own Bing search engine, suggesting widespread use of such chatbots.

This week, US Vice President Kamala Harris will meet with executives from Microsoft, Alphabet and OpenAI to discuss ways to mitigate the risks associated with the use of artificial intelligence technologies. Microsoft is already working on policies that describe the scope of safe use of artificial intelligence.

“The principle should be simple – the benefit to society should be greater than the potential harm,” explains Michael Schwartz, quoted by Bloomberg. AI will inevitably fall into the hands of attackers, according to the Microsoft representative, and will be able to cause real damage. Spam, election interference are just some of the applications of AI that can harm humanity.

Microsoft is warning authorities not to directly influence data sets that are used to train artificial intelligence systems. Such intervention by legislators would have “catastrophic consequences” for the entire industry, Michael Schwartz believes.

At the same time, AI will radically change the working conditions of many industries in the long term, stressed Microsoft’s chief economist: “I like to say that AI does not change anything in the short term, but it will change everything in the long term,” he commented. According to him, this applies to any technology created by mankind.

Experts at the World Economic Forum predict that the global labor market will be greatly affected by artificial intelligence. AI is expected to seriously affect more than a quarter of existing jobs.


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