Home Technology Bad news for Burger King!

Bad news for Burger King!

Bad news for Burger King!

Burger King, which is consumed with pleasure by working individuals both in the workplace and in the evening meals after a busy day, this time caused a scandal.

Those who saw the order slips became a joke

Fast food lovers, who opened e-mails from the famous food company, started to question this situation after a short shock. Thinking about what empty order slips mean on their screen Burger lovers did a research on their website and came across the explanation that the problem was just a system error.

So was it that simple? I wonder if this situation creates question marks in the minds of many people. Burger King’in It brought to mind the questions of whether it was under a cyber attack. When you create your registration on the system, it is thought-provoking how a cyber attack crisis will result in this system where personal information, home and work addresses, even credit card information is registered.

The statement from the famous company was not delayed!

According to the statement from Burger King, the problem was only the result of an “internal processing error”. to explain There is no data breach or any cyber-attack. While it was understood that there was nothing to be afraid of in this case, the famous company drew attention to it again.


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