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Best Pokémon to capture using the Master Ball in Pokémon GO

Best Pokémon to capture using the Master Ball in Pokémon GO

The Master Ball has finally come to Pokémon GO. What Pokémon are you thinking of catching with this precious item? From Nintenderos we have some recommendations so that you don’t waste them with any wild Bidoof.

In Pokémon GO there are many Poké Balls that offer a great catch rate, but the Master Ball, as in the main series, offers 100% success. In this article we tell you how to get it and dates.

Therefore, it is very important to think about what you are going to spend this rare item, since it is very important not to waste it. Here we leave you our suggestions on which Pokémon to use it on.

The best advice on what to do with the Master Ball once achieved, it is to save it for one of these three Pokémon: Articuno de Galar, Zapdos de Galar or Moltres de Galar.

The three legendary birds have not only the lowest capture rate in the entire game, but also the highest escape rate. Added to all this, they are incredibly rare to find, since they only appear using daily Incenses, and it is a very limited resource.

Adding all this up, we find ourselves before the most difficult Pokémon to capture in the game, making the chances of capturing some of them almost zero.

Therefore, save the Master Ball for some of them, it makes the capture guaranteed.

Master Ball Pokémon GO

If by chance you have already caught these three legendary birds, or you are not directly worried about getting them, the best thing to do would be to save it for a Legendary Pokémon that you really want to get, since they are the ones with the lowest catch rates.

It is not guaranteed, after defeating a legendary in raids, that you can capture it, so having saved the Master Ball as an option is never a bad idea.

But we remind you that an exception are the Shiny Legendary Pokemon. These rare creatures have had a 100% catch rate as long as you manage to hit them with any Pokéball, so it would be a waste to use the Master Ball in any of them.

Niantic has already confirmed that there will be more opportunities in the future to obtain Master Ballsbut it is not yet known how long we will have to wait. Pokémon GO It continues to be updated from time to time, and we hope to be able to get more Master Balls to be able to use, for example, in new Pokémon that are introduced into the game, such as the rumors about the future appearance of Pokémon from Paldea.

And you, with which Pokémon are you going to use the Master Ball? We are waiting for you in the comments

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