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Best team for the Pokémon GO Summer Cup

Summer has come and Niantic also wants to reflect the season in the popular Pokémon GO Battle League.

As we mentioned in the official calendar of the GO Fighting League, the trainers of the app will be able to participate in the Summer Cup from August 10 to 17 in order to rank up. Each new rank offers a handful of interesting rewardsfrom meetings with Pokémon even outfits like the Bea Style Set.

In this article we will explain our recommendations so that you can emerge victorious from the Summer Cup in Pokémon GO.

What is the Pokémon GO Summer Cup?

This is another category of GO Battle League Season 11. The Summer Cup is another competitive cup like the Super Ball or Master Ball League, but with a theme some specific requirements of the summer season.

Coaches may only participate in the Summer Cup con Pokémon Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, and Bug types. Also, these will not be able to exceed the limit of 1500 CP. Despite this restriction, dual-type Pokémon can also participate, as might be the case with a Dragon- and Bug-type Pokémon, for example.

Knowing this, it is most likely that you can’t use the same pokemon lineup What would you take for other drinks? Which brings us to the next point.

Best team for the Pokémon GO Summer Cup

Considering the extensive cast of powerful creatures in Pokémon GO, as well as the restrictions of the Summer Cup, there are many options to choose from when it comes to “the best team”. Multiple combinations could give you results, but in general you should try to have a balanced team that can hold its own against most offensive teams.

For example, Lickitung, Pachirisu y Vigoroth (or Trevenant/Tropius) are one of the more viable options. Marowak de Alola is also quite popular for being one of the fire-type pokemon strongest of this CP rank and the chance to counter Grass or Bug-type Pokémon.

The main thing to avoid is carry Pokémon of the same type that can be countered by a single Pokémon. For example, if you have two Grass-types and one Bug-type on your team, a single Marowak de Alola o Blaziken enemy can easily take care of your Pokémon. Versatility will give you victory in the Summer Cup.

Best Pokémon for the Pokémon GO Summer Cup

Although already we mention some interesting combinations and what to avoid when choosing your team, we will now explore some candidates to advance in the Summer Cup.

Lickitung it is one of the favorites because it only has a weakness to Fighting-type Pokémon, which are not allowed in the event. He can use Lick as a fast attack and Body Slam or Whiplash as charged attacks.

the lovable Pachirisu It has also become very important in the Summer Cup for being in the center of the goal Pokémon GO. It has excellent defense stats and is very easy in combat thanks to the absence of Ground-type Pokémon to counter it. You can use it with Voltshift as fast attack and Thunder Fist o Ray as a charged attack.

Swampert y Walrein These are two recommendations to consider if you are looking for some type of water. Walrein For its part, it has devastating ice-type exclusive attacks such as powder snow y Icicles, as well as the possibility of using Earthquake as a charged attack.

Swampert will be focused on water thanks to the fact that it takes good advantage of Hydro Cannon, in addition to the popular Earthquake as a second option. The best things are its chance to attack quickly with Mud Shot and its ability to counter Electric- and Fire-type Pokémon.

In case of Vigoroth is similar to that of Pachirisu, as it is only weak against Fighting-type attacks. You can use Counter as a fast attack and Body Slam or Earthquake as Charged Attacks. Best of all, Vigoroth is easy to get with only 25 Candy to evolve.

Others interesting options They include the following Pokémon:

  • Tropius with Aerial Slash and Sharp Blades or Aerial Strike
  • Zapdos with Thunderbolt and Lightning or Drill Pickaxe
  • Trevenant with Shadow Claw and Seed Bomb or Shadow Ball
  • Abomasnow with Snow Powder and Meteoroball or Energiball
  • Blaziken with Counter and Bold Bird or Fire Kick
  • Marowak de Alola with Fire Spin and Shadow Bone or Stick Bone

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