Home Technology Big blow to TikTok! Inspection started

Big blow to TikTok! Inspection started

Big blow to TikTok!  Inspection started

TikTok, one of the most popular applications of recent times, is now under control. Oracle put TikTok’s algorithms and content moderation models under the microscope. TikTokis in the process of moving all its data about US users to the country-based Oracle cloud storage. Oracle’s oversight is said to have begun last week after TikTok began routing all new traffic from US users through its legacy systems.

Big blow to TikTok! Inspection started

Big blow to TikTok!  Inspection started - Picture : 1

A company spokesperson told Axios that the reviews are examining how TikTok’s algorithms manage content. The company stated that their work on the algorithm is “working to ensure that the results are in line with expectations and that the algorithm has not been manipulated in any way.”

When Oracle was asked to explain what manipulation means in this context, the company made some statements. On the audit side, Oracle will regularly review TikTok’s practices for both automation and human content reviewers.

In 2020, the Trump administration tried to force TikTok to sell to a US company. Former President Donald Trump gave tentative approval to a deal that would see Oracle and Walmart run the American side of the business, but that didn’t happen. At the time, TikTok has committed to being more transparent and is trying to convince regulators and legislators that US user data is safe.

In June, BuzzFeed News reported that China-based ByteDance engineers had repeatedly accessed non-public data about American users of TikTok. Chew said these employees would only be able to access such information through “strong cybersecurity controls and authorization approval protocols overseen by our US-based security team.”


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