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This week:

  • Grateful for the comedies that made summer bearable.
  • Grateful for the greatest show ever: Bluey.
  • Thank you for the most random videos of Olivia Newton-John.
  • Grateful for the Bravo memes during the FBI raid.
  • Thanks for the follow up!

Bluey Is so good, even for adult, single and childless adults

It is without irony, sarcasm or attempt at trolling that I say that Bluey is one of the greatest television shows.

The Australian animated series is, yes, “for kids”. But it’s a reductionist and exclusive label, because it’s one of the TV shows I love watching the most and I’m definitely not a parent. (Well, I’m a proud daddy of my burgeoning fiddle-leaf fig tree. My therapist and I have talked about not selling myself short.) No one will tell me that this series that brings me immense pleasure is “not for me” because I am “not four years old”.

Bluey is streaming in the US on Disney+, and the third season finally arrived this week. (Not that I was counting down…) It’s phenomenal in that it’s both appropriate and hilarious for the extremely young demographic, yet has sophisticated, inventive writing worthy of the best TV sitcoms. It’s not one of those shows kids like, but at least there are things adults can laugh at that might go over the heads of younger kids. With Blueywe all laugh at the same jokes.

Bluey herself is a dog who lives in Australia with mum, dad and her little sister Bingo. Like many kids shows, most episodes follow Bluey and Bingo as they try to make every day an adventure, and there’s usually a lesson to be learned at the end. But Bluey gives a 360 degree view of what that day entailed, showing the effort it took mom and dad to make the activities, fun and education a success. It’s an inspiring portrait of what ‘play’ means to children and how adults can be a part of it.

There’s an episode in which the whole family claims that every household item is almost too much to bear. Golden Physical Comedy. “Rain” is incredibly moving, revealing how great it is when a parent embraces their child’s sense of wonder. An episode set in a big box store where the family buys a pizza oven is as thunderous as it is a powerful lesson in jealousy and responsibility. Don’t even talk to me about “Sleepytime”. I will get emotional.

The new season sees Bluey and Bingo want to make Father’s Day breakfast for Dad, ruining all of Lucy’s treadmill style, but it’s okay anyway. “Bedroom” highlights the difficulty of growing up and learning to be an individual when you have a sibling. In “Mini Bluey”, Bingo disguises herself as her older sister and she teaches him to be like her. “I like to talk a lot,” says Bluey. “It doesn’t even have to make sense. Sometimes I just make sounds. Then they just start honking and shouting gibberish.

Have you met a child? It’s brilliant writing. I was with my family when the new episodes “dropped” – the first time that phrase was used in connection with children’s shows. My young nephews started cackling when they started making noises. I laughed heartily. My father roared and kept repeating the verse, marveling at its truthfulness. It’s a perfect observation, made funny for everyone.

It’s not a novel to say that Bluey It is so good. It has appeared on the TV lists of many critics, especially parents, and countless essays have been written about its brilliance. I’m just happy to add to the pile.

My New Favorite Olivia Newton-John Videos

There’s no better character entrance in a movie than when Olivia Newton-John struts around the carnival as “Bad Sandy” in Fat. More discerning moviegoers will bristle. Moralists will protest the almost inexcusable lesson the scene teaches: Change who you are and shed all your values ​​to appease a man, and you’ll be happy too. I do not care. There’s a reason it’s so indelible, so enduring. And only a star with Newton-John magnetism could have achieved this.

I thought this would be the clip I would think about the most in the wake of Newton-John’s passing this week. Then I saw the footage of her duet on “Hopelessly Devoted to You” with Mariah Carey. (Sensational.) My colleague Coleman Spilde drew my attention to the clip of a Christmas song she recorded with John Travolta in 2012. (Hypnotizing and disconcerting, which I say with love.) Then several celebrities posted the same clip that I had no idea existed. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it before, and I’ll never go a day without watching it again.

This is a 1990 benefit for the organization Mothers and Others for a Livable Planet. Newton-John is part of the unlikely supergroup of Bette Midler, Cher, Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn and Lily Tomlin performing “What a Wonderful World.” (Watch it here.) It’s cheesy. It’s nice. And above all, Newton-John is radiant. As she always has been.

The best way to report the news

If there’s one way to get me to pay attention to the news, it’s to report that Mar-a-Lago was raided by the FBI, but explained away by reality TV memes.

They said there would never be a service like the one provided by Jon Stewart on The daily show, find ways to engage young people in current affairs by marrying politics and entertainment. Well, whoever they were, they had clearly never heard of Bravo fans, or witnessed their incredible talent for creating memes.

Exciting things are falling!

Normally, I end this newsletter with a photo of a shirtless celebrity, or the flawless Anne Hathaway, or a very funny tweet related to pop culture. I am deeply sorry that, this week, this is not the case. However, I promise that if any of these things interest you – or anything you’ve read in this newsletter already does, for that matter – then there’s some good news coming Monday. Shameless cap! Stay tuned!

What to watch this week:

I love my father: This movie is one of the craziest rides I’ve done this year, and it’s worth it. (Friday on VOD)

A league apart: One of my all-time favorite movies is getting a refreshingly charming reboot series. (Friday on Amazon)

I have never: A precious gem of a TV series is kicking off its final season. (Friday on Netflix)

Princess: Anyone obsessed with Princess Diana – so all humans – should tune in. (Saturday on HBO)

What to skip this week:

day shift: Jamie Foxx directed a vampire comedy for Netflix. I am dazed that is not good. (Friday on Netflix)

Mac & Rita: Someone please save Diane Keaton from her agent!!! (Friday in theaters)

SOURCE : Digikar

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