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Study Links High HDL-C Levels to Increased Dementia Risk

A Monash University-led study discovered a link between high levels of HDL-C (‘good cholesterol’) and increased dementia risk in older adults, particularly those over...

Does COVID-19 Vaccination Worsen Migraines?

Research reveals that COVID-19 and its vaccine have little effect on migraine severity, contradicting some patients’ perceptions of worsened symptoms post-infection or vaccination. New research...

Catastrophic Floods Strike East Africa After Historic Drought

In 2023, heavy rains in the Horn of Africa led to widespread flooding, displacing hundreds of thousands and causing extensive damage, despite early climate...

Scientists Discover Key Protein in Mice

Salk Institute researchers have identified that the protein Mitf plays a crucial role in repairing nerve damage in peripheral neuropathy. This breakthrough paves the...

15 Habits that could be hurting your business relationships

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How to understand your employees and keep them happy

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