Home Gaming Chanel’s “SloMo” is practically confirmed for Just Dance Eurovision

Chanel’s “SloMo” is practically confirmed for Just Dance Eurovision

Chanel’s “SloMo” is practically confirmed for Just Dance Eurovision

We continue to receive good news for the players of Just Dance 2023 Edition, available from November 22, 2022. Today we have news of the collaboration between this Just Dance game and Eurovision.

Just Dance 2023 Edition

After its initial announcement and the confirmation that the physical edition does not include a cartridge on Switch, we have now been able to learn more details about the second season of Just Dance+ after that of Lover Coaster, which as you well know focuses on Eurovision. This means that songs from this European song festival will be added.

For now it is unknown what themes will be added, but a poster seems to have given clues for Just Dance fans. It is the following:

After the publication of the image, many fans have tried to guess which song each of the characters that appear in it will dance to. The trainer on the far left, dressed in black, seems to have an aesthetic very similar to the one Chanel wore last year when she represented Spain with her song “SloMo”. This has suggested that the song will be included in the video game.

The video below tries to predict the rest of the songs as well:

Remember that the Eurovision season starts on May 9, 2023. We will be attentive to more details. In case you don’t know the contest, we also leave you this video where Ubisoft introduces us what Eurovision is:

What do you think? If you are interested, you can take a look at our full coverage of the title at this link.



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