Home Gaming Check out this awesome Magneton-inspired Pokemon fan-art

Check out this awesome Magneton-inspired Pokemon fan-art

Check out this awesome Magneton-inspired Pokemon fan-art

A curious fan-art related to Pokémon. It focuses on one of the most beloved Electric-type mons.

Magneton is an Electric and Steel type Pokémon introduced in the 1st generation.. Its pre-evolution is Magnemite and its later evolution is Magnezone, which is all about it. In this case, Reddit user CurvedPetal hhas shown how a spectacular different form could look than usual inspired by a paradox form, the new variants of the past or future introduced in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple.

It is not the first time that fan-arts of this style and inspired by different forms of the Pokémon are shared by the players of the franchise, having obtained a fantastic result in this case. In the picture you can see Magneton with an incredible appearance based on his usual appearance but more terrifying and threatening, with silver color and the characteristic magnets and screws of the species.

Without a doubt, the final result that he has obtained is great. You can see the complete post with all the images shared by the user at this link. Here you can see it:

Magneton i made using Security cameras. ironballs and magnets.
by u/CurvedPetal in pokemon

What do you think? Do you think that another design or concept different from the one shown could have been better? We read you in the comments.



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