Home Entertainment David Nail opens up about his hopes of having another child – Digikar

David Nail opens up about his hopes of having another child – Digikar

David Nail opens up about his hopes of having another child – Digikar


🎵 2022-08-13 00:55:17 – Paris/France.

It’s Tuesday afternoon, and David Nail is home alone with his 5-year-old daughter, Lillian. Nail’s wife Catherine just took an out-of-town trip with Lillian’s twin brother Lawson and 22-month-old daughter Ellie, meaning the country music hitmaker will be spending the Next 60 hours doing her best to keep her darling. busy girl.

And yes, they already did a Target run.

“I tried to get her to stay in the trash this time,” Nail, 43, laughs during an interview with PEOPLE. “But she had something squishy in mind that cost nine dollars. »

Of course, Nail made this purchase to please his daughter and reassure himself, if only for a little while.

David Clou. Jim Wright

“She fell asleep just as we got to the neighborhood,” Nail said of returning from their shopping excursion. “But of course when I tried to get her to lie down in the house she fought me. ” He’s laughing. “She was convinced she wasn’t tired!”

It’s just another sweet, oh so relatable piece of the life of the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter who’s rocketed up the charts over the years with songs like “Red Light” and “Nights on Fire.” “, but now too finds himself living in a household with three children under the age of 6.

“I think Lillian and Ellie are going to be like Catherine,” Nails said of his wife of 13 years. “But my son Lawson, he looks a lot like me. He is very sensitive and he is very shy. But he has a very good ear and he has a very pretty voice for a child of almost 6 years old. He just doesn’t really know if it’s cool to sing yet, even though his dad does. »

Indeed, with the release of his latest song “Sunset Carousel” and the recent announcement that he will be back on tour this fall with his “Story to Tell Tour” with special guest Tyler Braden, Nail has found a way to fight against himself. -the self-proclaimed shyness while living in the country music spotlight.

And his children certainly helped him with that.

Admittedly, the couple faced their challenges when it came to starting a family, with both being very open about their struggles to conceive.

David Clou. Jim Wright

“All of our children are here via IVF,” Nail says of in vitro fertilization to get Catherine pregnant. “We had tried IVF between the baby and the twins and it didn’t work. And it’s weird because, of course, it’s a thing of God. You can try to plan it, but obviously you really have no control over whether it will work or not So yeah, we talk all the time about which one was not successful. How would they have been? »

Nail suddenly becomes silent.

“But then we think, what would we have done with babies so close in age? asks the Missouri native aloud. “Now with the twins who are 5 years old, they are really a big help with the baby. »

And all children are growing faster than ever.

“My son has developed a little crush on that girl across the street,” Nail says. “My wife and I joke and say that he already has his first summer adventure, and he is 5 and a half years old. It’s so cute, but he has it mal. »

It is these sweet moments that now lead the couple to consider having a fourth child.

“I always defer to my wife because she’s the one who has to carry the baby, but yeah, I know we would like one more,” Nail said. “Catherine is so protective of these embryos and so close to them. We have a trip to California for a week in September, and we kind of think maybe a month or so after that, we’ll go on and try for one more. We would like to have a baby in the summer.

And this time, they hope it will go smoothly.

“The twins were then hard to get,” Nail recalls. “We waited so long, and it was so emotional that I think at the beginning, we were both so grateful to even have two children. You almost feel guilty for wanting more. »

And if Lawson has a say in the sex of this fourth child, he would like to finally have a brother.

“Lawson is very adamant about it,” Nail says with a laugh. “He doesn’t even allow himself to think it’s another girl!”

SOURCE : Digikar

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