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Digital services improve healthcare in Europe

Automating the communication flow between patients and healthcare professionals makes everyday life easier for both parties (photo: CC0 Public Domain)

Digital infrastructure company Equinix has announced a partnership with Aurora Innovation, a provider of communications services and solutions for the healthcare industry. The collaboration will expand Aurora’s services in Europe.

With a focus on improving patient access to healthcare services as well as the working environment of healthcare professionals, the two companies will use digital services to expand access to Aurora teleQ, a service that automates the communication flow between patients and healthcare professionals and thus facilitates everyday life for both sides.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), stress could be the reason 10 million health workers leave the profession by 2030. However, better scheduling and reduced administrative burdens can help reduce stress and related burnout, reducing the rate of falling out of these basic roles.

Aurora teleQ helps improve work environments for healthcare workers by providing a system for managing all customer contacts, as well as access to accumulated medical information for the respective patient, through a single user interface, regardless of the preferred method of contact by the patient.

The structured timekeeping system allows healthcare
workers – often facing challenging working conditions – to plan their schedule in advance and reduce the stress associated with communicating on the phone. As a result, staff have more organized working days and patients know when to expect a call. This increases the time available for each patient and improves the quality of care.

“Leveraging Equinix’s portfolio of digital services, Aurora Innovation can expand its work with companies in the sector in Europe by offering a secure and easy-to-use platform to simplify healthcare worker scheduling,” said Tapani Kirki, CEO at Aurora Innovation.

Based in Sweden, Aurora Innovation offers services in Finland, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. The company is working together with Equinix to reach new European markets and expand services available in existing locations.

The resulting robust and decentralized digital platform, Aurora teleQ, offers a patient contact management solution, simplifying and facilitating patient-doctor communication and enabling healthcare workers to respond to patients more efficiently.

“The transition to digital healthcare in Europe will continue to accelerate with the introduction of new models for home care and telemedicine. At Equinix, we help companies like Aurora Innovation to implement the opportunities offered by digitization and expand their business by increasing access to solutions that can improve the well-being of both patients and healthcare professionals”, said Ignacio Velilla, Vice President, Global Managed Services at Equinix.

The flexibility and scalability of Equinix’s Managed Private Cloud (MPC) means that Aurora Innovation will now have the opportunity to expand its services and achieve greater growth in countries where it already has a presence. Through Equinix Fabric, the Swedish company will be able to connect its digital infrastructure and services at software speed through a secure and software-defined interconnect. This brings with it the ability to rapidly scale capacity when it is necessary to handle sudden spikes in incoming traffic in different regions.

“Secure and secure communication channels are one of the foundations of our teleQ service. Equinix’s extensive network of data centers securely connects Aurora Innovation to the regional telecom service providers we partner with. This allows us to provide the most secure experience possible for patients and healthcare professionals,” said Per Torselius, Director of IT and Service Assurance at Aurora Innovation.

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