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Distant Desktop – manages remote computers

Distant Desktop – manages remote computers

Distant Desktop is one of the easiest ways to remotely access a computer
(screenshot: Distant Desktop)

As a result of the pandemic remote work is done the new normal, ah software developers have been quick to offer convenient solutions for remote access. The applications for remote control not only allow anyone to get remote access to centralized resources, but are also ideal for troubleshooting and technical support sessions help.

With the impressive name of Distant Desktop, this application allows you to remotely control any computer, wherever you are. With such a practical tool, you can overcome geographical barriers and get instant access to resources, no matter where you are.

You don’t have to go through complicated remote desktop settings. In fact, the developers of Distant Desktop have created one of the simplest remote desktop management applications. But note that the application must be running on both the local and the remote computer for it to work normally.

When the program starts, a small window with an ID and password is displayed. Unique credentials are automatically generated for the local computer and must be shared with the remote computer to be granted remote access.

Alternatively, you can press the “Connect…” button and enter the credentials provided by the user on the target computer. After adding the application as a firewall exception at both ends of the connection, the remote session is initiated. You can start one or more connections at the same time and each is displayed in a new tab.

Working with the program is very easy. The remote desktop is displayed, allowing you to interact with all items as if you were in front of the target computer. At the same time, the controlled computer can see the number of remote connections.

File sharing from one computer to another is seamless. You can send a file to the local computer or send a share request to the remote host.

The built-in chat allows you to communicate with the other computer in writing, but note that you can also record an audio message and send it.

Distant Desktop offers one of the easiest ways to remotely access a computer without having to go through an installation process. Apart from file sharing and integrated chat, one of its important advantages is the support of multiple simultaneous connections from both ends.

On the other hand, in the so-called demo mode, incoming connections are allowed, while remote control of the local computer is restricted. This makes Distant Desktop ideal for online tutorials and presentations.

Download: Distant Desktop


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