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Experiment on yourself: a man on a diet – Diets – Nutrition

Experiment on yourself: a man on a diet – Diets – Nutrition

Somehow it so happened that women are mainly concerned about the problem of weight. It is understandable: the pressure from television, glossy magazines, and even us men – all this requires keeping the female body on the verge of exhaustion.

Most men are philosophical about their weight: we don’t fit in our favorite pants, which means we buy new ones more and designate them as favorites. I am more than sure that the phrase “There must be many good people” also flew out of the male mouth for the first time.

However, even in our system of views, there comes a moment when you realize that there are already too many of you. Personally, the disconnected elevator made me think about this problem.

Climbing up to the eleventh floor with two heavy bags, I pretended to be a fish thrown ashore for another half an hour. Shortness of breath, a heart that moved somewhere in the head and sounded like a “barrel” from a drum kit, flies before the eyes. The medically educated subconscious sarcastically stated that the state of the body is very bad, and it’s time to decide something.

I had to take myself by the collar, give a good shake, sit down and admit the presence of excess weight. And in a rather impressive volume. The reason, in general, is clear: sedentary work, more precisely, freelance, when the workplace is two steps away from the bed and ten steps away from the refrigerator.

I must say right away that all subsequent calculations are a purely masculine approach to the problem, and in a situation where there really is something to lose (in the sense of weight).

Male approach to the problem

So, First of all, you will have to arm yourself with scales. Outdoor, best of all – electronic, with a built-in fat analyzer function (sold in almost any home appliance store). This is a key gadget, without which any weight loss does not make sense, because you need to keep track of what we are losing and how quickly.

The second is to forget about all sorts of books with diets, advice in women’s magazines and on TV shows. Some time ago, a large article was published in the British Medical Journal, which summarized data on a wide variety of diets. The conclusion was quite logical:

– An effective diet simply does not exist, but any streamlining of nutrition works in favor of normalizing weight.

Thirdly, you will have to tear your ass off the chair and still increase physical activity. At a minimum, go down without an elevator (if possible, go up too), get off public transport one stop earlier and walk to work or home. Brisk walking is an ideal physical activity for a city dweller.

The fourth is to forget, like a bad dream, the rule “do not eat after 6 pm”, invented by “larks”-masochists. If I go to bed at two in the morning, then for eight hours without food, I will definitely go berserk and organize a raid on the refrigerator. Much closer to the truth is the rule based on the laws of physiology – the last meal should be an hour and a half before bedtime. So when I “warm up” with drinking yogurt at midnight, this is a variant of the norm.

Well, more to the point. At the first weighing, the scales happily reported that 111.2 kg were on top of them, which, with a height of 182 cm, indicates the presence of obesity of the first degree. These figures are utterly perplexing. At this rate, it was possible to go far – and how far, the link in the blog of the notorious Alex Exler clearly demonstrated. It told about a certain manager with a weight of almost one and a half centners. Moreover, he was quite able to cope with himself and in three years to bring his weight up to 90 kg. I thought, “If he can do it, then I can do it too.”

Organizing food, of course, is not easy. But here textbooks on normal human physiology and biochemistry, as well as the experience of a therapist, came to the rescue. The most important thing is that we don’t throw anything out of our daily diet just like that, we definitely make replacements. And one more thing: you will have to borrow the word “calorie content” from the female vocabulary. In addition, one must be prepared for the fact that food costs will increase. Eating right is more expensive than eating wrong. But at the same time, food intake should not be turned into an act of masochism, food should be pleasant both externally and in taste, otherwise there is no sense from it.

It is possible that you will have to cook many things for yourself, so the basics of culinary art – if they have not yet been mastered – must be studied. Another habit of family men that you need to get rid of is to eat up what the children did not finish. Yes, and your portions should be reduced.

What we remove:

rafinated sugar.


– a source of “fast energy” and the same fast calories. Easily digestible carbohydrate, delivering maximum weight problems. Therefore, it is better to refuse it, and completely. I must say right away that the task is not easy, I started with 3 tablespoons of sugar in a medium-sized cup. Gradually reducing – 2.5 spoons, 2, 1.5, 1 – managed to get away from sweetening tea and coffee for about a year. The transition to expensive loose-leaf tea (especially green) and coffee beans helped a lot in this sense. It was simply a sin to spoil such delicious drinks with sugar. However, it is impossible to completely give up sweets, this is the reason for depression and aggressiveness of many who are on carbohydrate-free diets.

What do we replace:

– chocolate (bitter, with a high content of cocoa – 65 percent or more). Boiled coffee with milk and a few pieces of chocolate is more than a pleasant treat. We change juices with sugar for juices without sugar (there is an inscription on the package about this) or freshly squeezed.

What we remove:

wheat bread, muffins, cakes, pastries, pasta.


– like sugar, these are “fast” and rather big calories.

What do we replace:

– bran or whole grain bread– who likes what more. You can still try to eat bread – I once tried, but did not survive. Food should be delicious, not disgusting. Women frown, but they eat them, I can’t go for such unjustified heroism. Macaroni is a separate story. The product itself is not bad, only you need to use spaghetti or durum wheat noodles (which are boiled in boiling water for at least 20 minutes). Rice or buckwheat pasta goes well. But the potato goes to hell, as it consists almost entirely of starch.

What we remove:

– mayonnaise.


– again remember the word “calories”. So, in traditional mayonnaise, there are more than 650 kcal per 100 g. Giant number. I don’t want to refuse salads, and mayonnaise is present in many recipes.

What do we replace:

– yogurt-based sauces. They are even tastier than mayonnaise, but the calorie content is at least 3 times less.

What we remove:

– all fast food, especially instant noodles, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, pies.


– yeast dough, stuffing of dubious origin, flavors and other chemicals make this food a real “bomb” for the stomach. Both in the sense of poor digestibility, and in the sense of a chemical attack on the mucosa. And homemade pies are so delicious that it is impossible to eat just one – overeating is guaranteed.

What do we replace:

– hot sandwiches. We take all the same bread with bran, cheese, tomatoes, greens. 10 minutes in the oven or air grill – and we have a very tasty snack.

What we remove:

– fatty meat, fat.


– excess animal fat does not have time to be processed, and is deposited in fatty tissue in an unchanged form. Yes, and an excessive load on the pancreas and gallbladder has never been useful.

What do we replace:

– lean meat. Meat is a necessary product for the daily diet. Even most far-fetched diets (Japanese, Kremlin, blood type) do not deny its value.

However, the brutal methods of cooking make the meat unfit for human consumption. How can you eat boiled unsalted chicken breast? Only if watering it with burning tears. Lean meat (carbonate, pork neck, veal, lamb) according to all the laws of physiology is a product with zero energy output. It takes as many calories to digest and break down as it is extracted.

The value of meat is exclusively in amino acids, the building material of our body. Only instead of frying, it is better to bake meat (again, we recall the oven or air grill), using grated cheese and low-fat sauces as a “fur coat”. Barbecue is also the right way to cook meat. Of course, fish and other seafood (shrimp, squid, crabs) are welcome. Mushrooms go great – by the way, they can be added to the very “fur coat” when baking meat.

It is not necessary to exclude alcohol from the diet. If you really want to, dry red wines may well be on the table. But it is better to refuse completely “empty” calories of vodka and full-weight calories of beer.

Even such a minor adjustment of the diet gave tangible results. At the time of writing, the weight of the author is 104.1 kg. For 7 weeks, without bullying myself, and even somehow with pleasure, 7 kg left. And the body fat content decreased from 35.5 to 27.2%. This means that the tactics chosen are correct, and those kilograms that really should go are leaving.

I think the next step will be to increase physical activity using a home simulator. However, this is a topic for the next article.


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