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Experts: heart rate linked to life expectancy – Digikar

Experts: heart rate linked to life expectancy – Digikar

Scientists recently completed a lengthy study that added to the list of factors that indicate how long a person can live.

Experts from Sweden conducted a study involving elderly men to identify the relationship between HR (heart rate) and life expectancy.

As a result of data processing, it turned out that men whose heart rate is higher than 75 beats in 60 seconds are at risk of dying prematurely. This probability is twice as high as compared to people with other indicators of PE.

The study involved 798 volunteers, who were divided into 4 groups by representatives of science.

In the fourth group there were men with an emergency of more than 75 beats in 60 seconds, in the third group there were volunteers with an indicator of 65 – 75 beats per minute, in the second – from 55 to 65 beats, and in the first – 55 beats.

The study has been ongoing since 1993. After 10, and then after another 11 years, the experts carried out repeated measurements of the emergency. During the entire experiment, 119 men died, 113 of them were diagnosed with coronary disease, and 237 volunteers had various problems with the heart and blood vessels.

In the course of the study, the scientists were able to find out that Men with heart rates above 75 beats per minute were twice as likely to die from heart disease. The experts also noted that volunteers with HR over 55 beats per minute were prone to bad habits and did not devote time to physical activity. In addition, they prone to weight gain and high blood pressure.

The conducted experiment only indicates the probability of risk. If the emergency exceeds 75 beats per minute, you can contact a doctor who will conduct an examination and make recommendations aimed at preventing future troubles.


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