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Experts named 5 dangerous drinks for health – micetimes.asia

Experts named 5 dangerous drinks for health – micetimes.asia

Recently, experts have found out which drinks are the most harmful to the body.


Carbonated drinks contribute to the appearance of extra pounds, increase the risk of developing diabetes, as well as vascular and heart disease. In addition, carbonated drinks worsen the condition of the skin and contribute to problems in urology and gynecology. A 0.33 liter soda bottle contains about 7 lumps of sugar. The product is considered a fast carbohydrate and is not good for health. Unsweetened soda is also harmful due to the content of carbon dioxide, which irritates the esophagus.

Juices in packages

As a rule, they contain few natural ingredients. However, flavor enhancers, dyes and various additives in them are more than enough.

tea bags

Such tea is considered low-grade. In addition, the bags may contain E. coli or mold spores.

Instant drinks

Instant drinks include powdered juices, cocoa. Instant coffee will also hurt. Products have a bad effect on the state of the heart, blood vessels. They also provoke the development of ulcers and gastritis.

Coffee bags 3 in 1

These bags contain a large number of additives – sugar, flavorings and other components harmful to health.

It is best to prioritize fresh, plain water, herbal, green or selected black tea. Healthy drinks not only maintain the water balance in the body, but also have a positive effect on overall health and well-being.


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