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Experts told if there is a safe tan – Digikar

Experts told if there is a safe tan – Digikar

The trend for golden tan became popular in the last century, when experts believed that ultraviolet radiation was good for people. Recently, however, the opinion of researchers has begun to change.

According to scientists, ultraviolet provokes the development of a number of diseases.

Sunburn and skin diseases

UV exposure increases the risk of skin cancer, since the rays have a destructive effect on DNA. Under the influence of the sun, melanocytes become malignant cells, resulting in cancerous tumors.

Dark skin type also suffers from ultraviolet radiation.

Of course, dark skin is better protected from the harmful effects of the sun than white skin. However, the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation are not completely neutralized.

People with dark skin can also get cancer, but they are not at risk.

Harm from visiting a solarium

Solarium does more damage than the sun, as its radiation is directed directly at the skin. When the sun is shining, it can be covered by clouds and trees.

Solarium is especially harmful for those who have bright skin. The harm from such a tan is the same for both men and women.

Premature skin aging

Every good beautician knows that the sun ages the skin. Its rays contribute to degenerative changes in cells, due to which they age prematurely.

Ultraviolet is dangerous not only for the skin

The immune system and eyes also suffer from harmful rays.. Every fifth person cataract caused by the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation. Moreover, experts believe that the sun’s rays worsen the condition immune system.

There is no safe tan

Dermatologists recommend sunbathing enthusiasts once a year to undergo preventive checkups.

If a new spring has appeared on the body or an existing mole has changed color, you should immediately go to the doctor. Also, experts advise to undergo a preventive examination by a dermatologist for those who do not tan.

However, living without ultraviolet light is unhealthy. Without sun, the body does not get enough vitamin D.

The sun’s rays improve the condition with rickets, jaundice, eczema and psoriasis. But the doctor should control the dose of ultraviolet radiation.

Rules for staying in the sun

It is not recommended to go out into the sun from 11 am to 4 pm. In sunny weather you need wear breathable cotton clothing. Also expedient cover your head with a hat and wear glasses quality sun glasses. For open areas of the body Apply sunscreen with a protection factor of at least 50 (spf 50).

As it turns out, there is no safe tan. Fans of sunbathing should be aware of the harmful effects of the sun and solarium. Agree, because health is much more important than a temporary golden tan.


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