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Fans invent an item to improve Rock-type Pokémon

Los Rock-type Pokémon They have been waiting for some change in their favor in the goal of the game for some time.

Currently the ninth generation has some of the strongest monsters in the series, especially due to the Paradox Pokémon, the Dire Legends, and all the new Pokémon that have arrived from HOME.

However, only a small percentage of competitive Pokémon are Rock-types, including Glimmora, Tyranitar, and Lycanroc. This is for several reasons that fans have wanted to address with the concept of a new equipped item.

What is the problem of the Rock-type Pokémon?

Los Rock-type Pokémon they have suffered for several generations for being one of the weakest in the series for various reasons.

On the one hand they have the advantage of being resistant to Fire, Normal, Poison and Flying types. However, they also take double damage from Water, Steel, Fighting, Grass, and Ground types. The damage sometimes doubles when dealing with a double type, which is quite risky.

Not happy with that, a Rock-type Pokémon it has to be heavy, so they usually have low Speed ​​and poor recovery abilities. It is true that they make up for it with certain Attack or Defense stats, but they can very easily be left susceptible to being beaten by faster opponents and with greater damage.

Also, there are only 25 Rock-type moves, less than half for Water-type and almost half for Fire-type. In fact, in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple only one Rock-type move was added, as well as 7 Rock-type Pokémon of the 79 existing among the more than 1,000 monsters.

But there is an even more annoying problem, and the fans have come up with an interesting concept to solve it.

A new fan-made item: the Bubble Level

The community has come together on a Reddit post where a player proposed a new item to fix one of the biggest drawbacks of the Rock-type Pokémon: Precision.

All of the aforementioned drawbacks boil down to Rock-types not having as consistent and reliable moves as other types.

For example, Avalanche has 90% accuracy while Rock Edge has even less at 80%. This, added to the fact that they are usually quite slow, makes Rock-type Pokémon are not very reliable. Fluttermane on the other hand can use Moonforce with 100% accuracy just like Earthquake, which has as much power as Rock Edge.

It is for this reason that the user MudkipzLover has designed a new object called Bubble Level, in reference to the tool used to measure the horizontality and verticality of an object. It’s an interesting concept, as it would only work with Ground and Rock-type moves.

The effect would basically grant the user the power to ignore accuracy whenever the opponent is on the ground. This would count as an accuracy modifier, so it wouldn’t affect the chance of Fissure or other similar moves. Also, it would only work on an enemy target, so it wouldn’t increase the accuracy of area moves.

But feeling that this would not be enough to give more life to the Rock-type Pokémon, the Bubble Level would also grant the user +1 Critical Chance. Some players felt this would be too much, as a powerful monster like Tyranitar could abuse it by using Rock Edge with 100% accuracy and bonus damage. Others think it would be interesting to see how the item modifies the meta.

For example, the speedy Lycanroc could really use an Accuracy boost, especially with the move Avalanche. This would give him the chance to finish off his rivals before they can attack.

Some players suggested that the accuracy buff is more than enough to put these monsters in the spotlight. The critical damage, although questionable, could bring us interesting games.

We will have to wait and see if GameFreak already has in its hands a similar plan that solves the dilemma of the Rock-type Pokémon.

Rock-type Pokémon

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