Home Gaming Final Fantasy 16 shows more of battles between titans

Final Fantasy 16 shows more of battles between titans

Final Fantasy 16 shows more of battles between titans
final fantasy 16

The summons, called Eikons in Final Fantasy 16, feature in a new gameplay video straight from the Square Enix – showing how the confrontation between the powerful titans of the franchise will be in their new title. It is worth noting that the only existing publication is in Japanese, not being uploaded in English or Portuguese until the moment this text was written.

We can see more of Phoenix and Ifrit, two of the protagonists that you will be able to control during the game. However, it is clear that they will have an even more important role in the plot and will be able to use other forms as you progress in the journey. As we get closer and closer to a release, new details will likely emerge soon.

The world of Final Fantasy 16

Though Final Fantasy 16 is coming June 22, 2023, exclusively on PlayStation 5, it’s not the only ace up its sleeve Square Enix has for its franchise this year. The company already announced, last year, that it is also preparing FF7 Rebirth – the sequel to the remake that brought Cloud and his friends facing “Destiny” itself to get rid of certain script constraints and be able to walk freely – or not – through their lives. own legs. It does not yet have a release date announced.

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