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Five drugs with unproven effectiveness – Digikar

Five drugs with unproven effectiveness – Digikar

Experts believe that drugs that do not give the desired result occupy a separate cell in the pharmaceutical market.

Pharmacists have named five drugs that do not work. However, their popularity is facilitated by the tricks of marketers and generous funding for an advertising campaign.


The drug is ineffective in the fight against influenza. The declared characteristics do not correspond to reality.

dietary supplements

Biologically active additives give a general strengthening effect. However, they do not replace conventional medicines.

Vitamin complexes

Complexes of vitamins are characterized by insignificant efficiency. For effective assimilation by the body, they must be consumed separately.


Preparations to improve the microflora are ineffective. In European countries, they do not exist at all. Digestive problems are eliminated by correcting the diet.


In many countries of the world, there are no drugs to restore and protect the liver, since drugs are classified as “unproven effectiveness”. To improve the condition of the liver, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy foods.

As it turned out, the listed medicines are needed, first of all, by their manufacturers to generate income.
Before you buy a popular drug, you should hear the opinion of independent experts so as not to spend money on a “dummy”.


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