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Gakk squats – Exercises – Fitness

Gakk squats – Exercises – Fitness

Hack squats are quite popular among athletes. Thanks to this exercise, the lower body is effectively worked out and the spine is not loaded. Learn all the features of hack squats.

Hack squats got their name in honor of the famous Russian strongman of the last century, Georg Hackenschmidt. It was he who became the creator of this exercise and created the first version of the simulator, which today is available in almost every gym. The movement allows you to perfectly work out the quadriceps of the thigh with minimal load on the spinal column. The simulator allows you to simulate controlled squats with weights. The maximum load when performing hack squats falls on the quadriceps, and the gluteal muscles and biceps of the thigh also work.

Benefits of Hack Squats

In addition to the lack of load on the spinal column during the movement, the following advantages of this exercise can be noted:

– the exercise is technically easier;

– you can use a large working weight;

– the presence of the insurer is not required;

– a large load falls on the quadriceps in comparison with the classic squats;

– You don’t need to use a weightlifting belt.

Technique for performing hook squats

Sit in the simulator, having previously equipped it with the necessary working weight. The legs are shoulder-width apart in the middle of the platform, and the toes are slightly apart. It is necessary to bend slightly in the lower back, and your gaze should be directed forward.

Inhale and start moving down until the knee joints form a 90 degree angle. Return to the starting position as you exhale. The movement should be smooth without sudden jerks. The center of gravity of the body should be on the heels. Make sure that at the time of squats, the knee joints do not go beyond the level of the socks. To reduce stress on your joints, do not fully straighten your legs at the top end of the trajectory.

Hack Squat Tips

In order not to increase the load on the knee joints, you should push the weight with your heels.

The back should be straight throughout the exercise.

remember, that knee joints should not go beyond the level of the socks.

Move smoothly and do not fully straighten your legs at the top trajectories.

Before exercise, stretch the joints and ligaments, doing a couple of warm-up sets.

We have already said that this movement works out the quadriceps perfectly. However, it should not be performed by athletes with knee problems. It is best to include hack squats in your training program after classic squats. This will allow you to work out the muscles of the legs even better. Exercise can be recommended for novice athletes, as it not only helps to gain muscle mass, but also stimulates the production of anabolic hormones in the body. The exercise is very effective and you can see it very quickly.



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