Home Technology Galaxy A series bids farewell to a camera

Galaxy A series bids farewell to a camera

Galaxy A series bids farewell to a camera

your smartphones With the development of these devices day by day, the biggest expectation of those who prefer these devices has become the ability to take beautiful photos and videos. However, it should be said that the expectations of the users change from time to time.

While photos with depth effects were extremely popular until recently, users gradually started to give up on these effects. As a result of his researches, in the habits called social media photography, there is less and less depth effect. have been applied who understand Samsung, saying this is an opportunity Galaxy A decided to remove the depth camera from the series.

Galaxy A series bids farewell to a camera

In the current layout, these phones had 4 different cameras. In this structure, which consists of the main camera, ultra wide-angle camera, macro camera and depth camera, depth is now available. sensor 3 lenses will be included in the models that will be released to the market. will receive is stated.

Of course, the most important reason for the South Korean technology giant to make this move is to experience a serious cost advantage. So much so that although the company has not yet completed this year’s data, Samsung, in 2022 Galaxy A The series will have sold at least 50 million of its devices. Next year this number 60 million It is expected to exceed the number of units, which means that a reduced sensor in the new series will save the company from 60 million sensor costs.


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