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Google improves Gmail search with artificial intelligence

Google improves Gmail search with artificial intelligence

Gmail search gets smarter with artificial intelligence
(photo: CC0 Public Domain)

The developers of the popular Gmail webmail have improved the search system in the mobile application using artificial intelligence technology, CNBC reported, citing information from Google.

The AI ​​enhancement makes it easier for service users to find the messages they need faster and easier. Now, a special algorithm based on a neural network will be used to analyze the search queries in the mailbox, which allows to quickly display relevant results.

The algorithm analyzes the search query, emails stored in the inbox, and “other relevant factors” to determine which emails are most relevant to the query. This feature will be rolled out gradually and will be available to all Gmail users on Android and iOS devices in the coming weeks.

Improving Gmail search using an AI algorithm isn’t the first innovation to appear in Google’s mail service recently. February saw the rollout of Gmail’s new interface, which is more modern and focused on the company’s other productivity tools.

Last month, Google announced that accounts that have been inactive for two years will be deleted along with all content, including mailbox data.


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