Home Gaming Grandpa shows off his cool Zelda tattoo

Grandpa shows off his cool Zelda tattoo

Grandpa shows off his cool Zelda tattoo

From Reddit comes a curious creation that celebrates one of the most outstanding games in the Switch catalog. It is in this case The Legend of Zelda.

Age is not a problem when it comes to being a fan of a franchise, as this fan’s grandfather from Reddit under the name TatemsChosenLegend has shown, by tattooing the characteristic logo of The Legend of Zelda as his first tattoo. Also in the image you can see an original shirt inspired by the franchise with the term “Zeldad” referring to Zelda and “Dad”, father in English. It’s certainly great.

In the post that we leave you below we can see how it shows its creation. It is not the first time that we can see objects, fan-arts or tattoos created by fans in great detail, but The result obtained this time is surprising.. You can see the full post shared by the user along with all the images available at this link. Here you can check it:

My grandpa got his first tattoo
by u/TatemsChosenLegend in tearsofthekingdom

What do you think? Do you think the tattoo design could have been improved in any way? Have you ever gotten a tattoo inspired by a video game? Do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments.



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