Home Technology Hackers attacked a nuclear waste storage facility in the US

Hackers attacked a nuclear waste storage facility in the US

Hackers attacked a nuclear waste storage facility in the US

Nuclear sites in the US were targeted by an intense hacking attack
(photo: CC0 Public Domain)

A massive cyber attack affected the computer systems of a contractor at one of the US Department of Energy’s flagship laboratories and a radioactive waste storage facility operated by the same agency.

As a result of the attack, the network infrastructure of government agencies was partially hacked, Bloomberg reported, citing a source familiar with the situation. Many government offices were affected – the attackers used vulnerabilities in a software tool to collect information.

The Department of Energy took swift action to prevent further spread of the threat and notified the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection Agency (CISA) and the US Congress of the incident. The agency is currently working with law enforcement and affected structures to investigate the attack and assess the damage.

A contractor for the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which works in the field of nuclear energy, is known to be one of the victims of the attack, but representatives of the organization say that the stolen materials are not related to it.

In addition, a pilot plant for the isolation of radioactive waste in New Mexico was damaged. Waste, including from nuclear weapons, is stored there at a great depth.

CISA, under the jurisdiction of the US Department of Homeland Security, confirmed the attack on several departments. Russian hackers from the Clop group, who exploited a vulnerability in the file transfer app MOVEit, are believed to be behind the attack.


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