Home Gaming Harry Potter: The Magic Awakens is now free to download for iOS and Android

Harry Potter: The Magic Awakens is now free to download for iOS and Android

Harry Potter: The Magic Awakens is now free to download for iOS and Android

Warner Bros. Games and NetEase, Inc. Announced that their new collectible card RPG set in the Wizarding World is now available: Harry Potter: Magic Awakens. Starting today (27), players from different territories in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Oceania and the Middle East can download the game for free on app store for iOS and on Google Play for Android.

Co-developed and co-published by Warner Bros. Games and NetEase Games, Harry Potter: The Magic Awakens is the latest title released by Portkey Games, a label dedicated to creating new mobile and video game experiences inspired by the Wizarding World that put the player at the center of their own adventure.

“With the global release of Harry Potter: The Magic Awakens, we have partnered with NetEase to further expand The Wizarding World to mobile players around the world, with the distinctive art style and immersive game design that propelled it to achieve its status in China,” said David Haddad, President, Warner Bros. Games. “Mobile gaming remains a key part of our strategy, and with its magical gameplay, Harry Potter: Awakens the Magic was created specifically for fans as an opportunity to immerse themselves even more in one of our greatest franchises.”

“From the detailed mechanics of the trading card system to the game’s art style, we’ve collaborated with Warner Bros. Games in all aspects of development to ensure an authentic adaptation of the Wizarding World in Harry Potter: The Magic Awakens,” said Ethan Wang, Senior Vice President, NetEase Inc.

Harry Potter: The Magic Awakens is an immersive, Free-to-Play, Massively Multiplayer (MMO) Dueling Wizarding video game with Strategy RPG elements. Set ten years after the Battle of Hogwarts, players will experience all the milestones of a student’s journey through the wizarding school, and embark on a fascinating new story, featuring familiar faces from the original saga and new characters.

As players progress, they will learn spells that can be cast in the form of cards. Players will need to collect these spells, create unique strategies, and form winning combinations – learning what to cast and when – as they venture into increasingly complex challenges, duel other players, and master magic on their own illustrious magical journey.

The main features of Harry Potter: The Magic Awakens

Experience life as a Hogwarts student: From customizing your character and receiving your wand to the Sorting Hat ceremony and flying around Hogwarts, there’s so much to see and do at Hogwarts. As first year students, players will also be able to attend a rotating schedule of classes including Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, History of Magic and Divination – all with their own minigames, objectives and rewards.

Fill your spell book: With over 70 spells and summons available at launch – each with their own unique effects and benefits – players can create decks with endless combinations of damage, control, support and defense to use magic in their own way. To further customize playstyles, fans can equip Echoes that grant special boosts to stats, traits or passive abilities – as well as Companion cards that can summon powerful allies like Hermione Granger and Rubeus Hagrid to aid in battle.

Massively immersive multiplayer world: Join a social club with other players and participate in special activities such as caring for a dragon egg or participating in boss raids to fight powerful creatures like a Thunderbird. Players can also invite a friend to dance in the Dance Club rhythm minigame, encounter other witches and wizards as they explore Diagon Alley, take classes with peers, and much more.

brand new story: Featuring new and original characters from the “Harry Potter” series, experience an all-new story in the wizarding world. Each year at Hogwarts will bring a new arc and different adventures to explore.

dueling club: Players can compete against each other in real-time friendly wizard duels and climb the leaderboards in a battle of wits and magical mastery. Choose between 1v1 and 2v2 options, as well as special game modes for a limited time.

Forbidden Forest: Venture into the Forbidden Forest alone or in co-op multiplayer to battle your way through increasingly difficult challenges that offer greater rewards with each victory. Exclusive stories and magical creatures like Centaurs, Acromantulas, Unicorns and more await you.

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