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Hints of Final Fantasy Tactics remaster surface again

Hints of Final Fantasy Tactics remaster surface again

It is not the first time since Final Fantasy Tactics more speculation is sown about the possibility of seeing remasters of these titles. The most recent information points to it as well.

Los indications that have been shared are the following:

  • The rumors come from the director and screenwriter Yasumi Matsunowho has responded to a fan about a possible Final Fantasy Tactics remaster.
  • He suggests that if the game is remastered, they should make changes to the character Count Cidolfus Orlandeau. He sees it necessary to nerf him in a hypothetical remaster.
  • As you can imagine, this has increased the excitement and expectations of the fans, although nothing is confirmed for now.

To this we must add the previous indications: the Nvidia GeForce for PC database where a Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster was listed along with more official polls pointing to remaster. And the later ones of its developers too.

There are many fans of Final Fantasy Tactics who they are excited and want a remaster of the game. Over the years, there has been a great demand from the gaming community for the original game to be updated and improved. Final Fantasy Tactics has gained cult status due to its deep strategic gameplay, engaging story, and memorable characters. Fans would appreciate a remaster that improves graphics and visual quality, as well as possible gameplay improvements and game balance adjustments.

Many hope that a remaster will provide a fresh experience of the game, while maintaining its original essence and charm. Director and writer Yasumi Matsuno’s tweet has further fueled the hopes and expectations of Final Fantasy Tactics fans.

What is your opinion? Would you like to see remasters of these titles? We read you in the comments. Do not hesitate to leave your opinion with them!


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