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How to Lose Weight Fast: 25 Must-Have Steps – Weight Loss – Fitness

Are you exhausting yourself with training and sticking to a diet, but you do not see the desired results? MEN’s LIFE I have collected for you 25 effective tips that will help you get rid of excess weight and bring your body into perfect order.

1. More running

In order to get rid of excess weight as quickly and safely as possible, it is necessary to maintain a balance of power loads, cardio and diet. In particular, it is very important to give a load on the cardiovascular system. The duration of the run should be at least half an hour: during the first twenty minutes of cardio training, the body will burn only carbohydrates, and only then will it switch to body fat, choosing them as the main source of energy. Do not forget that cardio must be combined with strength training – regular running and weight lifting will involve all the muscles, accelerate your metabolism as much as possible and fully put your body in order.

2. High Intensity Interval Training

A lot has been said about the advantages of this technique, and this is not surprising: it really works. If you are looking for a way to burn extra kilos in the shortest possible time, HIT is exactly what you need. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a more effective weight loss aid than traditional cardio—your body will continue to burn calories and lose weight for up to 24 hours after you finish your workout.

3. Team games

Basketball and volleyball are a great way to burn extra calories, which, in addition, bring a lot of fun. Team games include cardio loads and a lot of non-linear movements (jumping, reversing, stepping to the side), and therefore bring great benefits to the body. Just come to the nearest basketball court and join the game – of course, having studied the rules beforehand.

4. Strength exercises

If you set out to lose weight and still haven’t signed up for a gym, now is the time. Your goal is to increase muscle mass, because fat is burned in direct proportion to the growth of muscle cells. It should be remembered that the wrong diet or poorly selected exercises can significantly slow down weight loss. Therefore, if you are engaged in strength training, eat fully: the body needs energy with which it will turn fat into muscle tissue.

5. Walk more often and drive less often

The more you walk, the more active you become. Being active helps you burn calories and lose those extra pounds—a luxury you can’t get with a car or public transport. As often as possible, leave the keys to your favorite car at home, replacing them with a pair of sneakers and comfortable clothes. So you will not only save on fuel, but also accelerate the transformation of your body into an ideal one.

6. Experiment with CrossFit workouts

The CrossFit program is a high-intensity strength training program that will help you not only lose weight in record time, but also dramatically increase your endurance and improve your overall fitness. CrossFit includes running, rowing on special machines, ring exercises, jumping, rope climbing, weight lifting and much more – believe me, this is the perfect way to burn crazy amounts of calories and change your body beyond recognition.

7. Reduce stress with yoga

Relax. Breathe deeply. Even deeper. Feeling better, healthier? If the answer is yes, then yoga is exactly what you need: it will help you stay in shape and lose fat more effectively. As you know, stress contributes to the accumulation of extra pounds in the abdomen, and therefore the fight against negativity through relaxation is an important and useful exercise.

8. Change Your Workout Routine

If all your workouts are on a strict schedule, give it up and completely change your routine. A person is a creature of habit: he can do the same cardio load for a very long time, automatically completing it with long-learned exercises in the gym. But if you want results, this approach needs to be changed. For example, 45 minutes of high-intensity interval training twice a week will benefit you much more than a standard 90-minute workout three times a week.

9. Don’t try to lose weight in a specific place.

Selective weight loss does not exist. Everyone has long known that trying to lose weight in specific parts of the body does not work, but almost everyone continues to engage in self-deception. Don’t waste your precious time trying to do only selective exercises on the stomach, arms or buttocks. Approach your goal in a complex way and give a full load to the whole body – believe me, this way you will achieve much greater results.

10. Train with a partner or in a group

Training with like-minded people gives one of the most important things – motivation: you will always be cheered up in moments of despondency (and they happen to almost everyone who loses weight) and will help you go further towards your goal without giving up and dropping extra kilos more effectively.

11. Take a photo and track your progress

Taking pictures before, after and during the weight loss process is the perfect way to keep yourself in good shape throughout the test. So you will not only be able to see the fruits of your labor in all its glory, watching the qualitative metamorphoses of your own figure from the side, but you will also receive a lot of enthusiastic compliments (if you dare to post pictures on the Web).

12. Create a Meal Calendar

When you return from an insanely intense workout, a tired body asks for rest, and an empty stomach asks for nutritious high-calorie food. To avoid a huge mistake and not pounce on the contents of the refrigerator, like a lion on an antelope, before starting classes, you should look at your calendar, where your diet is obviously planned. Having prepared the same chicken breast with vegetables in advance for yourself, you can return from the gym and have a snack with healthy, proper food – weight loss will not be long in coming!

13. Vary your calorie intake

The human body is extremely smart: if you reduce the calorie content of food every day, the “emergency” mode will soon turn on and the metabolism will slow down. To fool the body, you need to change your daily calorie intake – for example, lower it to 1200 calories one day, and raise it to 1800 the next. This is the only way you can achieve a high metabolic rate and lose weight many times faster.

14. Track your diet with apps

Today there are many applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC to make sure that you continue to stick to a healthy diet – this is a very important point in the fight for the perfect body. It doesn’t matter which app you choose, as long as it helps you successfully keep track of everything you eat every day. By regularly analyzing your diet for yesterday, you can plan your diet for tomorrow even more effectively.

15. Never skip breakfast

It is a full-fledged healthy breakfast that makes the biggest contribution to the process of weight loss and helps to keep the result. People who rarely eat breakfast during the day “eat up” much more calories, pushing the dream of having a beautiful slender body far into the background.

16. Switch to homemade meals and reduce portions

Of course, it is not easy to completely abandon dinners in cafes and restaurants, but minimizing them is your task for the time of losing weight. Most menus do not list the calorie content of the dishes, and therefore such a dinner can do you more harm than good. At home, the process of nutrition is much easier to control: you not only know exactly how many calories are in a serving of the same soup, but you can also adjust the volume of servings, speeding up the weight loss process at times.

17. Less carbs, more protein and fat

Yes, carbs are delicious. But you don’t get along with them. The consumption of carbohydrates leads to an increase in blood glucose levels, which pulls the release of insulin and initiates the body’s fat storage response. That is why carbohydrate foods should be combined with protein foods and healthy fats – this way the release of insulin is blocked and, accordingly, hunger or cravings for sweets do not occur.

18. Eat more fish

Losing weight should actively include fatty fish (salmon, tuna, etc.) in your diet – it contains leptin. This is the compound that controls the relationship between fat stores, appetite, and energy expenditure. If there is not enough leptin in the brain, hunger attacks and metabolic problems can occur – often this leads to the fact that a person manages to lose weight in the early stages, but maintaining the same rate of weight loss becomes much more difficult.

19. No to soda and alcohol, yes to water

Drinking as much water as possible is the golden rule of all those who lose weight: it saturates the body and speeds up the metabolism, helping to quickly get rid of body fat. But this category definitely does not include cola, and even more so, alcohol – these drinks contain so much sugar that they can rightly be called one of the most insidious provocateurs of the appearance of extra kilos.

20. Eat less, but more often

According to nutritionists, six meals a day, consisting of small portions, is optimal for a losing weight person – this is the best way to prevent overeating. When the body does not receive food for several hours, it goes into stress mode and tries to stock up on food, causing you to have a severe bout of hunger. Therefore, it is better to eat often, but a little bit.

21. Learn to love vegetables

It is vegetables (especially cruciferous ones) that can lower estrogen, a hormone that contributes to the accumulation of fat in the body. In addition, vegetables are healthy, which you yourself, we are sure, are well aware of. Experiment with new recipes and spices, and you will understand that the same broccoli can be very tasty!

22. Don’t look at the scale

If every morning, before you get dressed, you diligently check if the mark on the scale has moved, it’s time to stop it. Don’t do yourself a disservice, especially if your goal is to lose fat and build muscle. When sports are done regularly and correctly, you will soon stop seeing a big difference in weight: all body fat will simply transform into muscle tissue. Therefore, continue to go towards your goal, having previously hidden the scales in the farthest corner.

23. Get enough sleep

Quality sleep is vital to maintaining health. Regular sleep deprivation hits the hormonal background of a person, preventing weight loss. If you deprive the body of sleep, it goes into stress mode and slows down the metabolism in order to conserve energy. In addition, an increase in cortisol levels leads to an unhealthy appetite and the hand itself begins to reach for foods high in carbohydrates and fats. Such food helps to produce serotonin, which works as a sedative. Conclusion – you need to get enough sleep.

24. Check Your Thyroid Health

It is the thyroid gland that controls the metabolism in your body, and therefore it is very important to make sure that you are not sick with hypothyroidism (an overactive thyroid gland). To lose weight without problems, the thyroid gland must work correctly, otherwise all your efforts in the gym will simply go down the drain – if the difficulties with weight loss are associated with thyroid problems, a completely different approach is already needed with the participation of an endocrinologist.

25. Stop being lazy

Fighting laziness is easy if you start small. For example, take the stairs to the third floor, not the elevator; get up and go to the other end of the room for the necessary papers, and do not drive up for them on a chair. While there’s an ad on TV, do some push-ups, squats, stretches. Move as much as you can and it will count for you!

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