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How to meet a girl on the beach? – Pickup – Sex and relationships

How to meet a girl on the beach?  – Pickup – Sex and relationships

Summer, bright greenery, intoxicating aroma of flowers – and you want female attention so much that you are ready to give half your kingdom for the gentle touches of a charming stranger. But the sweltering heat and the absence of even a hint of a light breeze do their job. All the girls, leaving the office, rush at cruising speed to the house, where a cool shower and air conditioning await them. And here it’s not up to acquaintance, even with such a handsome man like you. The center of summer life is the numerous beaches of all the surrounding water bodies, where you can get a stunning tan, substituting your body, exhausted by daily sitting in the office, and splashing in cool water to your heart’s content.

Acquaintance on the beach allows you to choose a girl who fully meets your requirements for female attractiveness. After all, the beach is, after all, not an autumn park, where properly selected clothes, skillfully applied makeup and high-heeled shoes help the fairer sex to confuse the guys passing by and make the most graceful cats out of gray mice. The beach is an expanse for girls with a stunning figure and not very pretty faces. They are rarely approached to meet on the streets, so they make up for the lack of male attention during the three summer months and easily make contact. In addition, the girls on the beach are usually in high spirits. And the desire to escape from everyday life and a friendly atmosphere are the best way to influence the process of dating.

One of the key factors influencing the outcome of a beach date is your perception of the situation. If you perceive acquaintance as some kind of aptitude test, then excitement is inevitable. And it, in turn, will lead to confusion in words, stuttering and ignorance of what else to say. Girls are interested in self-confident, strong men. And the strength here is measured not by the pumping up of the muscles, but by the inner feeling. Therefore, treat meeting a girl on the beach with ease, as if it were entertainment on a sunny day. It should be like playing cards for you. Won – well, lost – also nothing, at least had fun. Girls are also living beings and are no less interested in getting to know each other than you. And even more.

Just imagine where her self-esteem would drop if her towel neighbor was approached by a dozen interested guys, but not a single one? Therefore, starting an acquaintance, you are pursuing a noble goal – saving her self-esteem, and not just looking for entertainment for the day, evening, and maybe all night. But do not rule out the possibility of failure. Some girls still go to the beach just to swim and sunbathe. If the first attempt was not successful, then don’t be upset, but go on an adventure and meet new girls! The beach is big!

If you haven’t graduated from the circus variety school in the clowning class and don’t want onlookers on neighboring sunbeds to bet how soon this beauty with a stunning figure will kick you off, then don’t go around the girl you like. Firstly, people simply love to watch such performances. And secondly, during this walking around a woman, what can you think of! Allegedly setting yourself up for an acquaintance, you simply nurture your excitement. Do you need it? No, not at all. Therefore, as soon as you see a suitable object – legs in arms and forward, until a more nimble fellow has outstripped you.

And now let’s look at a few exemplary beach dating scenarios.

1. Starting a casual conversation with a woman is the easiest and most straightforward way to meet on the beach. In this case, it is necessary to capture the attention of the girl from the first phrase. It is good if it is a playful, original and positive saying. Try to avoid platitudes like: “How is the water? Warm? There is a girl in front of you, not a thermometer. Over time, you will have your own list of the first phrases and you will learn to improvise. But if nothing comes to mind at all, then below I will share a dozen statements that will help start a conversation:

• You look very sexy in fins and a mask!
• Girl, for some reason it seems to me that you are now bored. Let’s collect seashells together.
• Never understood why girls are so negative about sand castles. If you are not one of them, then let’s remember our childhood and build the castle of our dreams.
• Let’s bet that no one has ever met you in the pool?
• Hello, where did you get so beautifully tanned?
• Please look after my things while I bathe.
• Your bottom is red! Why are you smiling?..
• Girl, I see you swim so well, could you watch me, otherwise I don’t know how to swim at all. Thank you for ice cream and coffee.
• I am writing a book on how to meet girls on the beach and would like to ask you some questions.
• Young woman! Be so kind as not to walk around swaying your hips past that old man over there. He’s already had two heart attacks! Walk better past me, I have a strong heart.

If a girl is set to communicate, she will definitely answer in a positive way. And if not, then do not stop and experiment on other beauties.

Very often, men, meeting a girl on the beach, make one very significant mistake that costs them effective flirting. So, remember once and for all, when meeting a girl, especially on the beach, forget that you need something from her. Chat as with your girlfriend or friend, occasionally interspersing friendly chatter with compliments.

Unfortunately, but with beautiful women, guys often talk unnaturally. As with the boss, on whom it depends whether they receive a bonus or not. It is the anticipation of the reward and the fear of losing it that has a very negative effect on the quality of communication with girls. It will also be useful to glance at other girls during a conversation. Firstly, you will be distracted from obsessive thoughts and the excitement will come to naught. Secondly, your interlocutor will experience a slight prick of jealousy that will whip her up. But here it is very important not to overdo it, otherwise the girl will have the feeling that she is not interesting to you. Try not to cross this line.

If you notice that the conversation has somewhat tired the girl, then invite her to play cards or any other simple game. When she is about to leave, then play the gentleman and see your companion, even if she refuses.

2. If you play volleyball well, then by all means take advantage of it.
First, demonstrate your skills to others. At this time, select for yourself a few interested beauties, and after that, go to the most charming one and invite her to keep you company. If she agrees, then consider that a successful acquaintance has taken place. After the party is over, start a light conversation or offer to carry it out if she is already going home. If the girl refuses to play, be persistent, say that it is her that your team lacks to win. And if she starts saying that she can’t play, then offer your help and teach her. Here you have excellent prospects for tactile interaction. You can easily hug her in the learning process. But not too brazen, otherwise it will play against you. In this matter, listen to reason and intuition, and do not follow the base instincts.

3. Let’s call it conditionally “a lamb in a piece of paper”. It is based on the love of girls for material signs of attention. To implement it, you will need not only your sense of humor, but also some material injections that will more than pay off in the future.

Before going to the beach, go shopping and buy some attributes that will help to interest the girls. It can be anything. For example, a rose will create the impression of a kind of romantic handsome man, prone to non-standard and original solutions. On the spot, you will need to give a flower to the person you like and start a leisurely conversation in which you will need to support and develop the created image. That is, in no case should you talk about how you “got drunk with the boys in a nearby bar” yesterday.

If your choice fell on ice cream, then you should consider that you need to spend a minimum amount of time looking for a girl. I do not think that the warm, sweet liquid, which was once an eskimo, will be of interest to a beauty who has become emaciated under the rays of the sun. In this case, it is better to first choose a woman, and then rush for ice cream. If you manage to convey the delicacy in its original form, then consider that the beach acquaintance was successful. You just have to start a fun conversation and at the end ask your interlocutor for a phone number.

Fruits are also a win-win option. But you need to stock up on several types of fruits. You settle down next to a pretty woman, start eating an apple. When you catch her eye, you simply gesture to offer her an orange. If the girl agrees, then feel free to approach her and offer fruit and start a conversation. If the person does not look at you at all, then discard the embarrassment, come up to her yourself and treat her with fruit. A rare girl will resist the temptation to taste a bunch of grapes on a hot day.

Agree, meeting a girl on the beach, it turns out, is not so difficult. All you need is a little confidence, positive and a little humor. Do not despair if the first acquaintance does not take place! Develop, improve! And… who knows where you will meet your sweet and only one!


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