Home Technology IBM platform makes AI more accessible to businesses

IBM platform makes AI more accessible to businesses

IBM platform makes AI more accessible to businesses

Implementing AI in business can be made easier with a ready-to-use IBM platform
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IBM has launched a new watsonx platform that will help companies of all sizes integrate artificial intelligence into their business. The move by the IT giant comes on the back of the runaway success of the ChatGPT bot.

Companies can use the watsonx platform to train and deploy their AI systems, automatically generate code through natural language queries, and use large language models for various purposes, such as creating chemical formulas or modeling climate change.

IBM describes watsonx as a ready-made AI and data platform designed to “multiply the impact of AI on your business”. The platform consists of three powerful components:

  • watsonx.ai studio for creating new base models, generative AI and machine learning;
  • watsonx.data universal data store that provides flexibility and performance;
  • a watsonx.governance toolset that enables the creation of AI-powered workflows built with accountability and transparency.

The launch of the platform comes more than a decade after the AI ​​supercomputer IBM Watson gained attention by winning the Jeopardy game show. At the time, IBM claimed that Watson could “learn” and process human language, but its high cost made it difficult for companies to use it.

The sudden success of the ChatGPT bot has turned IBM’s focus on implementing AI in companies. This time, the low cost of deploying large language AI models means the chances of success are high, IBM CEO Arvind Krishna said on the eve of the annual Think conference.

“When something becomes 100 times cheaper, it really creates a completely different appeal. “The first hurdle of creating a model is big, but once you do it, adapting that model for hundreds or thousands of different tasks is very easy, and even an amateur can do it,” Krishna said, as quoted by Reuters.

In the coming years, he said, artificial intelligence could reduce certain jobs in the IBM office. “This does not mean that overall employment is declining. This makes it possible to invest much more in value-creating activities. We’ve hired more people than we’ve laid off because we’re hiring in areas where demand from our customers is much higher,” Krishna commented on media reports that IBM is halting hiring and will replace thousands of jobs with AI.

The manager emphasized that IBM is using a more open ecosystem and is partnering with open source AI software development center Hugging Face.


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