Home Technology Infodesign presents the latest TeamViewer solution – Frontline

Infodesign presents the latest TeamViewer solution – Frontline

Infodesign presents the latest TeamViewer solution – Frontline

Team Viewer augmented reality technology enhances manual workflows
(photo: Team Viewer)

Corporate users in our country will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with TeamViewer’s latest solution – Frontline, as well as Nakivo’s backup and replication solutions. The distributor Infodesign Bulgaria organizes on June 15 (Thursday) in Sofia introducing TeamViewer and Nakivo’s corporate business lines with the participation of specialists from both companies. There will be technical demonstrations and an exclusive opportunity to test AR devices in different forms.

TeamViewer Frontline is a platform for increasing productivity through Augmented Reality technology. It is a fully integrated AR solution that improves manual workflows in industries based on the latest computing technologies.

The product was created to empower workers in an increasingly digitized work environment. Frontline increases the productivity of frontline employees through digital tools to accelerate processes, reduce error rates, increase quality and cut costs. The solution can also be used to train employees across industries.

TeamViewer Frontline offers various digital tools:

  • Graphical Frontline Creator to easily configure 2D applications with augmented reality without programming knowledge;
  • Frontline App Builder to develop custom applications for portable and mobile devices;
  • Frontline Spatial Editor to create your own 3D work instructions – by tagging, dragging, dropping, pointing and clicking in a 3D context.

Customers can manage TeamViewer Frontline centrally, through a web-based portal. This includes activities such as workforce coordination, task and device management, and immediate troubleshooting by connecting to technical support via remote assistance.

All TeamViewer Frontline solutions have a customizable user interface and clear visual effects to support manual workflows. Thus, the digital workplace adapts to the client’s work environment. After consultation and analysis of the situation, Infodesign specialists configure the ideal software solution for specific needs.

Infodesign Bulgaria will demonstrate the capabilities of the new Frontline platform for digitalization and facilitation of work processes at an event on June 15 at the Expo Sofia Center from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., which is organized jointly with TeamViewer and Nakivo. Participation is free, after prior registration. The organizers have also provided an opportunity to test different AR devices that realize the concept of Frontline.


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