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InitDisk – formats problematic USB sticks

InitDisk – formats problematic USB sticks

USB sticks often appear damaged, but there are tools to format them successfully
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Fformatting a USB drive can be done easily in Windows, but there are nonetheless special applications that repair occurred problems and do The USB flash drive fully functional even if it is believed to be damaged.

One such tool is InitDisk – an easy-to-use application that retrieves information about USB devices connected to the computer and allows you to make a new FAT format of the flash drive.

InitDisk needs administrative privileges to run, and if you haven’t run it with such rights, you’ll see a message on the screen. The application no installation requiredwhich makes it quite convenient to use on different computers.

This tool does not offer a graphical user interface (GUI). Actually InitDisk runs in a console-like windowwhich contains all the instructions you need to complete the task.

Once launched, InitDisk prompts you to connect the target USB drive you want to erase and reformat. If the USB flash drive is already connected to the computer, you must remove it and wait for Windows to confirm its removal, then connect it again.

InitDisk displays a list of characteristics of the connected device. This will help you make sure that the device you are about to format is the right one to avoid accidental data loss. You can see the device size (a maximum of 2.2 TB is supported), the vendor, revision number, volume related details, etc.

If the device is the correct one, then a “NUKE” command will start the formatting process. To ensure maximum compatibility, the app uses MBR and (12/16/32) partition. It is recommended to create a backup copy of the contents before formatting.

In conclusion, InitDisk is a simple USB disk formatting tool that allows you to erase all data and ensure that the drive is in its original state. While a standard GUI would probably make this program more appealing, the clear instructions in the console window make up for the lack of a GUI.

Download: InitDisk


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