Home Technology Is Elon Musk moving again to buy Twitter?

Is Elon Musk moving again to buy Twitter?

Is Elon Musk moving again to buy Twitter?

Elon Musk with Twitter trade uncertainty continues at full speed. The process, which started with the purchase of 9.2% of the shares of the famous social media platform by Musk, the richest person in the world, for approximately 3 billion dollars, then of the portal It ended with an agreement to pay $45 billion for the whole, so actually everyone thought it was over.

However, in the coming days Elon Musk’s When he started to think that the number of bot accounts on the platform was more than Twitter announced, the tide suddenly turned. Elon Musk and Twitter management, who are often confronted with this issue, could not solve the problem in a way that satisfies both sides, and the famous billionaire ended the acquisition process and said. Twitter announced that he had given up on the purchase.

Is Elon Musk moving again to buy Twitter?

However, Twitter management Elon Musk’s He brought the process to the lawsuit on the grounds that he could not make such a move, and now his eyes are on the lawsuit to be heard in October. Here’s Elon Musk from this case Twitter There may be a decision that you have to buy. The famous billionaire is already preparing for this decision and is selling some of his Tesla shares while stock prices have increased.

According to the statement, it sold a total of $ 6.9 billion worth of Tesla shares in 3 days. Elon Musk, He said this sale was to raise funds for Twitter. In the continuation of his statements, the famous billionaire added that if he wins the case, he may consider buying back the Tesla shares he sold.


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