Home Technology Landlords and tenants beware! The mediator system is coming!

Landlords and tenants beware! The mediator system is coming!

Landlords and tenants beware!  The mediator system is coming!

As the citizens rebelled after the high rent increases, the burden of the courts increased as never before. in rentals When many homeowners wanted to increase the legal limit above 25 percent, this limit could not prevent eviction lawsuits.

“Mediator requirement” comes to disputes between landlord and tenant

As you know, the government started to work to prevent the serious increase in rental prices. These studies at the end The Turkish Code of Obligations was amended temporarily and house rents were CPI The practice of determining the rate according to the rate was suspended for a while. Accordingly, the rate of increase in rent was limited to 25 percent until July 1, 2023. However, this solution does not fully prevent conflicts. could not pass.

This is exactly why the government took another step. According to the statement, the condition of mediation was introduced in the disputes between the landlord and the tenant. like September or October To life is planned to be passed.

Workload will decrease

The Ministry of Justice took action regarding these cases, which took a long time and caused an increase in the workload of the courts. According to the information received from the sources of the Ministry, compulsory mediation application will be implemented. The parties will apply to a mediator before filing a lawsuit. However, if an agreement cannot be reached, only then will it be applied to the court.

parties to mediator without applying If a lawsuit is filed by going directly to the court, these lawsuits will be rejected. While the application is planned to be implemented in September or October, it is expected that the workload in the courts will decrease according to this decision.


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