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🍿 2022-08-16 20:19:02 – Paris/France.

Netflix is ​​not the only platform Streaming to have revolutionized. HBO Max is undergoing a major restructuring that affects the highest positions, in addition to content.

Surely you have already heard of it, because we told you a few days ago: Warner merged with Discovery. Two entertainment giants who, among other things, This is going to profoundly affect HBO Max.

The CEO of the new Warner Bros Discovery, David Zaslav, has set himself a goal: cut spending by $3 trillion. With the merger, there are redundant teams, so layoffs are already underway.

In addition HBO Max announced the reduction in the number of series and other productionsmainly international.

Corporate restructuring reaches the highest levels: everyone below the CEO.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Casey Bloys, the programming director of HBO Max, has completely restructured all the teams. 14% of managers, or about 70 people, have already been made redundant. And this only in the direct teams managed by the director of programming.

As part of the layoffs, Sarah Aubrey will continue to oversee HBO Max’s original drama slate and add international programming alongside Warner Bros.’ international division. Discovery, directed by Gerhard Zeiler.

The HBO Max comedy will be overseen by HBO Head of Comedy Amy Gravitt, with HBO Max’s Suzanna Makkos reporting directly to the premiere. Gravitt, a well-regarded HBO veteran with a solid track record, will now oversee the combined comedy department.

Joey Chavez, executive vice president of programming, will continue to report to Aubrey as head of HBO Max dramas.

The international productions, among them Spaniards like Nobody knows anything, they will now be supervised by the comedy and drama groups.

Even though Merger between Warner and Discovery won’t happen until next year, the changes have already begun. It is assumed that HBO Max will change its name, and there will be news like a bigger window for movies in theaters, and even a channel with free HBO series and movies.

We will see how all this will affect the content and, above all, the quotas. Those who signed up for the price of 4.49 euros for life when HBO was launched in Spain, must be rubbing their hands…

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