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MailStore Email Archiving – the benefits for IT and the business

MailStore Email Archiving – the benefits for IT and the business

The initial cost of an email backup solution quickly pays for itself
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Why do we need an email backup solution?

Emails are not only an important means of communication, but also a valuable information resource for any company. In addition to business correspondence, they may contain offers, contracts, invoices and sales data, and even classified company information, such as data on internal work processes or financial data. Effective management of this information resource is an important component of any successful corporate strategy and one of the main tasks of information management. In addition to maintaining the smooth exchange of email data, this ensures that the business-critical email data that is so important to the company’s success is preserved in the long term and is constantly accessible.

What exactly is email backup?

Email archiving is special software that stores copies of all company emails in a central archive. The email archive complements the existing email system, which of course can continue to be used as before. The IT administrator is responsible for configuring what emails are automatically archived and when, and deciding whether emails, once archived, are automatically deleted from email server mailboxes. If the backup software allows users to access the entire archive themselves (ie the archived emails and their attachments), there is no need to involve an administrator. Ideally, the software will be able to efficiently manage a very large volume of data.

Email backup, data security and privacy

While email archiving is about preserving email data, its main purpose is to ensure that email data remains accessible and recoverable over time so that all of that data can be put to optimal use. Email archiving is a component of information management that aims to regulate the purposeful handling of information. A distinction must therefore be made between email archiving, data security and data privacy, although the lines of demarcation can sometimes be blurred.

Data security is the task of protecting a company’s data from the risk of corruption, compromise and loss arising from internal and external threats. Measures include protecting the underlying infrastructure using firewalls and anti-virus programs, for example. Backing up email can help protect the data contained in emails. On the other hand, data privacy has more to do with personal data and compliance with legal requirements, i.e. under what circumstances personal data may be collected, processed or used. In this regard, an email backup solution can provide valuable assistance.

Backup or email backup? Why not use both?

It’s often said that if you’re backing up your data, you don’t really need an email backup solution, but that’s actually a misconception. Although at first glance there may be similarities between email backup and system backup, the two solutions have quite different goals. Backups will never be able to do the job of a professional email backup system, nor can an email backup solution act as a backup application. So, with business continuity in mind, these two tools should ideally be used together.

The backup serves to store the entire environment of the email server and is performed at a certain period of time, therefore, if the work process is interrupted or, for example, an email message is deleted when it is received, then the data will not have been transferred to the backup environment yet and there would be losses . Archiving, on the other hand, focuses on storing copies of correspondence in real time, and even if a user deletes a message immediately upon receiving it, the message will already have a copy in the archive.

MailStore’s products and solutions are used by small and medium-sized enterprises from all sectors, as well as public and educational institutions
(illustration: MailStore)

What are the benefits of email archiving??

Email archiving is not only an important tool when it comes to making full use of all the information contained in emails – it can, depending on the backup method, have benefits for your IT department and even your entire business.

  • Protection against data loss

Time and time again, employees delete emails—accidentally, unintentionally, or sometimes even with malicious intent. A particularly serious scenario is when a user deletes the entire contents of a mailbox upon leaving the company. Emails can also be manipulated using a ransomware attack. Critical data is lost this way around the world every day. With an email backup solution, all future and existing inbound and outbound email traffic can be fully backed up and protected against tampering, effectively ruling out data loss. Moreover, emails distributed on local user systems (eg PST files) can also be transferred to the central archive.

  • Business Continuity Support

In most cases, IT infrastructure failure and lack of business-critical data will disrupt business processes. As part of a business continuity strategy, backups can be used to restore critical systems and data, such as email servers, along with any email data they contain. However, recovery may take several hours or even days. In the worst case, the company will not be able to access business-critical information contained in the emails during the downtime. An independent archive can eliminate this problem. If the email server fails or data is lost, all archived emails will ideally remain available for any search and recovery operation. Business-critical data will remain constantly available and business operations can continue without interruption.

  • Increase productivity in business

If a company can access all of its emails quickly and comprehensively, this can often increase staff productivity. Burdensome searches for data information and the expansion of many on-premise user systems is becoming a thing of the past. The positive effect can be further enhanced if the email archiving solution can map the user’s usual folder structure to the archive and also provide a self-service function for users to independently access the archive and find and restore emails through full-text search. Regular email backups can also help reduce mailbox load, avoid mailbox quota issues, and increase productivity.

  • Reduce IT costs

Email archiving can help reduce email management costs, including the associated IT effort. Storage requirements and therefore mailbox sizes can often be significantly reduced by keeping content from the mail server only in the archive according to set policies. In the event that users can access the email archive autonomously, the IT staff is relieved of the arduous task of restoring specific emails from backups or email servers in response to a user request, thus IT experts can invest their capacity in more important tasks .

  • Support with migration projects

Consolidating emails that have been archived decentralized and fully backing up all emails makes it easy for the IT department to migrate to another email platform, for example in the event of a change of email provider or internal email server. Since all emails are stored in the archive, there is no need to move emails that are still in the old system to the new platform. This way, the new email system remains free from the clutter of old emails. If needed, historical emails can be accessed directly through the archive.

  • eDiscovery Help

A complete, audit-proof email archive equipped with a comprehensive search function is not only useful when it comes to gathering information for internal company reporting, but can also be an invaluable aid in e-discovery scenarios where emails are required as evidence in court in the event of a legal dispute. External auditors can also benefit from the search function if they are given archive access privileges.

  • Quick return on investment

Using an email backup solution reduces the burden on the IT department, which can significantly reduce storage costs and improve staff productivity. The initial cost of an email backup solution quickly pays for itself, also a beneficial effect is that companies can protect themselves against the financial risk of data loss or legal violations.

MailStore is a subsidiary of OpenText, specializing in developing innovative email archiving solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. With tens of thousands of corporate customers in more than 100 countries, MailStore is a global leader in its field. MailStore products and solutions are used by small and medium-sized enterprises from all sectors, as well as public and educational institutions. MailStore’s goal is to apply the best available technologies to support its customers in the efficient and sustainable use of email as one of the most valuable and comprehensive information resources of our time and to help them meet the growing number of compliance requirements.

The article was prepared by: COMPUTER 2000 Bulgaria – official distributor of MailStore for Bulgaria


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