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Men’s wardrobe for the summer: what you need to know about a short sleeve shirt

Men’s wardrobe for the summer: what you need to know about a short sleeve shirt


When the hot days come, men ditch sweaters, long-sleeved shirts and jackets in favor of short-sleeved ones. As a rule, these are T-shirts, T-shirts and shirts. If the first two options are not controversial in the world of men’s fashion, then the third option is often the subject of heated debate.

Fashion experts say short sleeve shirt optional and easily replaceable thing. However, office workers do not think so, since she irreplaceable in summer. In turn, fashion gurus answer that business clothes and bare hands do not match, especially with a tie. Where is the truth? Let’s figure it out!

Until the 2000s, short sleeve shirts were not taken seriously by fashion designers. However, over time, this garment has taken pride of place in the fashion world. Today, men wear not only classic models, but also experiment with fabrics and combinations. These shirts are combined even with jackets.

Keeping in mind the fashion trends for summer, a short-sleeved shirt is the best choice. The main thing is that she sits on the figure.

Often you can see a picture when the shirt is too loose or vice versa – fits the stomach. Sleeves that are too loose are also inappropriate, as are tightly fitting ones.

Correctly selected the shirt should fit moderately without focusing on the muscles or the press. Optimal sleeve length – to the middle of the biceps. When bending the arms, the sleeve should also not pinch.

There are two cut options:

Slim. The shirt is more fitted but not tight.

Classic. More freedom in the waist area. However, she is not baggy.

The length is also important. Raising your arms up, the shirt should not expose the stomach. The same rule applies to shirts that are not tucked into pants.

Helpful Tips

– You can unbutton one or two buttons at the top.

– The pocket on the chest will become a storage for glasses or other small accessories.

– Stylish roll-ups can be made on the sleeves.

– Moveton – shirts with patches, teenage designs, slogans, slogans and frilly style.

– Give preference to natural fabrics instead of synthetics.

– Buy shirts with a simple cut, colors that are pleasing to the eye, or with a pattern.

Denim shirts are very popular right now. This shirt can be worn over a T-shirt.

And finally, advice – give preference to brands that have proven themselves well among buyers. These are not necessarily elite products at exorbitant prices. There are options available to many, especially during the discount period – H&M, Uniqlo, Zara.

Be stylish! And our advice will help you with this.



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