Home Technology Microsoft develops its own Arm processors

Microsoft develops its own Arm processors

Microsoft develops its own Arm processors

Laptops with Windows and Arm processors will offer improved energy efficiency
(photo: Microsoft)

The success of Apple with their own Arm M-series processors seems to have impressed Microsoft. The software giant has set out to develop its own chips based on the Arm architecture to compete with the manufacturer of Mac from Cupertino.

According to a post on Windows Latest, the Redmond-based giant is optimizing the next version of its operating system, known for now as Windows 12, to run on devices with Arm chips.

The development of its own Arm processors by Microsoft coincides with the upcoming release of Windows 12. It is said that one of the new chips will be optimized and focused on using the capabilities of technologies based on neural networks.

The company’s plans are evidenced by the fact that not so long ago Microsoft was looking for specialists to develop processors and single-chip systems (SoC) with high performance and energy efficiency. Specifically, the company was looking for a lead SoC architect.

In addition, Microsoft has posted vacancies for Senior Physical Design Verification Engineer, Principal Design Engineer, and more. All this indicates that the Microsoft Silicon division is developing Arm processors, but at what stage the project is still unknown.

The combination of new Arm chips with the upcoming Windows 12 operating system could significantly improve the performance and energy efficiency of Microsoft devices. The new OS is expected to be released in late 2024, and will have several neural network-based features at launch.


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